Overclocking...Monitors?..YES! (DATABASE)

Hello ladies and gentlemens and whatnot!


Today i will start thread here about monitor overclocking Database! all results posted here (i hope) so everyone with same monitor can see their capability of panels, my panel can do 75hz info below!

not so mainstream to overclock monitors as other hardware so here i wish we will make this thing more...of a thing so to speak.


Idea here is that everyone writes their own Monitor model name  example (I have Benq G2420HD) 2009 TN 60Hz monitor.

By usiing CRU ( Custom Resolution Utility) we will try to OC the Panels refresh rate from 60 to 65, 70, 75,80, and 83.

I have currently set 70hz so its quite safe, The difference is noticable!


Here is a link to the forum with a download link there ( Created by ToastyX) http://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU

also download pixel clock Patch for your choice of GPU

HERE IS MORE INSTRUCTIONS step by step with images: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/31526-overclocking-your-monitor-refresh-rate-amd-gpus/

The instructions are there as well (Go figure)


1. Benq G2420HD 60 to 70HZ

75hz works too but i prefer 70hz as i feel more safe with it.


(if something goes wrong, Boot into safemode and disable all presets so it goes back to native refresh rate so its can recover if you OC little bit over.) and im not responsible in case of fail,dont get greedy.


Tn panels can go upto 83hz and IPS  to 70hz is max in my opinion in basic monitors.IMHO.

post your results here, Lets see what we get in 1 month!( i hope at least to see few results)

Happy overclocking!



May as well post this here as well.

OCed my PB238Q to 75Hz yesterday.

I didn't use CRU to overclock. Instead, I used the Nvidia Control Panel.

If you have a Nvidia card made after the Titan, i.e. 700 series and above, you should be able to just go into the Nvidia Control Panel, click the change resolution tab on the left and create a custom profile. From there you can set the resolution and refresh rate. After doing that right click on the desktop, go to screen resolution, click advanced and then go to the monitor tab and check that your refresh rate is the same as the profile which you applied.

AMD users can adjust refresh rate under AMD CCC, Desktop Properties, and adjust whatever the monitor supports. My ASUS monitor can run at 75MHZ, but I have to drop the resolution to make it work. ASUS model is VH242. 

Running a BenQ now that supports higher refresh rates. I'd imagine a dual dvi-d cable instead of dvi-i is what people want to use when overclocking?

Edit: Check to make sure game settings are set to new refresh rate if available. I noticed that last night with CoD 4. 

My monitor does 344Hz at 240p, which is 200Hz faster than the best LCDs (liquid crap devices). I usually use 90Hz at 1800x1350, but it can go up to [email protected] before the flicker gets unbearable.

Iiyama X2783HSU 75hz HDMI only got 72 on DVI.

I find 68Hz to be my lowest tolerable refresh rate (2560x1600), Thanks again or I would never have tried it.

I am running an Asus PB278Q at work at 2560x1440 @ 85Hz just using the Custom resolution option in Nvidia control panel. Rock steady and much nicer to stare at all day at this refresh

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Thanks for replys!


i should work on adding all this info to table of contents but i just had no time.Will some time just put in lines all monitors that can OC

Also all cheapest 24 and 27 Tn monitors-

idea is to find cheapest decent TN and oc it to 72, Acer monitors r cheap on that side 


BenQ and Acer are pretty sure to OC very good!

Well this was a huge failure.
because i was lazy and did not bother to make this thing bigger.

Bought 144hz TN anyway

2411Z benq v2, is good man! staying on 120hz cause better colors.