Overclocking glitches in W8: I'm not crazy

When testing out overclocks on my new sabertooth mobo, I sometimes saw Windows giving my cpu a wrong frequency. I added it to the list of 'nice try windows' glitches and moved on.

Well that, Or I thought I was going crazy. Turns out I'm not:


When I modified the 'HT reference clock', or the 'BCLK' or the 'fsb'  speed (or whatever you wanna call it) - As opposed to the multiplyer -  It turns out that were the situations were Windows 8 went bonkers. And as the article says, apperantly the problems go alot further than that!

i saw this as soon as i installed W8 its very annoying hopefully it;l be fixed in Wblue/8.1 or watefer

Interesting read. I noticed that unigine still tells me i am at 4.5 when in fact i reset to stock . So no credibility oc on win8 for now.

Fortunately I'm fine, but the Windows 8 task manager seems to think that I'm running at 5.13GHz... No idea why!