Overclocking FX-6300. What Fan/Water Cooling and what PSU?

I've got FX-6300/4GB RAM/R9 270. 500W Power Supply with almost 72% efiency that powers what I just said, maximum 6 USBs, 2 fans with LEDs, 2 Hard Drives, 1 DVD-RW (I can plug it out if I need the power).


Q: Is my power supply capable of OC FX-6300 to 4.5 GHz? At least Turbo Power? (*Turbo Power = 4.0 instead of 3.6 GHz)



Q: Cooler Master Seidon 120V (watercooling) or Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for cooling, how much I could OC this FX-6300 with each one? That Seidon is exactly 21.1$ more here where I live, is it whort the money?



Q: I have a friend that told me watercooling can break and bye bye PC, is it true, don't I have some warranty that if my PC goes down from the broken Water Cooling and my other parts are broken from it I will get my money back, cuz in case of OC, you don't get your money back from no comapany.



Q: Should I get my CPU overclocked and buy a Cooler OR my Video Card Over Clocked? What Cooler should I use in this case, in maximum 60$?


you should be okay with a little bit of OC

I would go with the Seidon. Yes, they are worth the money if you hate a ton of noise.

water can kill any system if it leaks onto active components. That is, leaks onto parts that carry electrical current. HOWEVER, the seidon is a closed system and is meant to be maintenance free. It is meant to be a solution that is better than most CPU fans and cheaper and easier than assembling your own WC unit. however I do not know the warranty policy with cooler master's WC systems. they may have a .PDF for it online.

I would start with cooling the CPU first and work up from there.

500W Power Supply with almost 72% efficiency 

That sounds like a Coolermaster 500W that is rated to constantly output 348W. Can you give more info on your psu?



Is this the one you meant? It has the same specs :| 


I don't really trust your psu to actually constantly output 500w. It is probably lower. Is there any info on the rated wattage on the power supply, not peak wattage?

THat psu is a solytech unit with  two 15A 12V rails. i never heard about maxcube nor the board maker solytech. But basicly 500W should be enough. But i´m indead doubting that the psu is trust worthy.

About the cooler, i would personaly look for a more higherend air cooler. depending on where you life. And how the airflow in your case is right now.

Some Tech Guy recomended it to me telling me it's true 500W, it was a reasonable price like somewhere under a 450W Corsair. I've got a DeepCool TESSERACT case, 1 fan front, 1 fan back 120mm.