Overclocking asus 970 with 8350 cpu

so I've seen the videos I'm just looking for someone to Skype and help me do it much help. would love it :)

what type of motherboard you have?

asus 970 rgb aura

Now Asus in most of their modern motherboards has an Auto-tune feature. It will automatically adjust all the overclocking settings including voltage and memory at the safest limit your motherboard can handle. There is a windows based software installer for Asus Auto-tune which would be on your motherboard installation cd.

On your CPU with a decent cooler and that Aura motherboard you should easily get 4.2 to 4.5Ghz, but it does depend a bit on what type of cooler you are using, (4.5 easily achievable with a hyper 212 for example) A stock cooler might give you a safe overclock of around 4.2 but I wouldn't trust the thermals after that on a stock fan, water cooling will give you 4.6 to 4.8 easy...

In any case the Asus overclocking feature that automatically does it makes it very easy to get a safe overclock. I would try that first if you have not previously overclocked your CPU. Here is a link: https://youtu.be/BoaAT5TkXc4

They are showing a Z87 but the overclock software is the same across all Asus boards.

As for your GPU or 970, MSI After-burner software might work but I am not 100% sure on GPU overclocking.

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ok so I'm following Jay's 2cents video and I have my over clock crash at 4.6 I added from 1.4000 volts to 1.45000 volts.. stable at 4.6 but in my computer it still shows 4.0 and when I stress test according to Windows it's only going to 4.0? is there something happening or will it adjust over time? is it just an error on Windows because cpu monitor is showing 4.6

I would probably suggest go down to 4.4 and try that at around 1.4v you really do not want to risk over-current damage on the motherboard.

On AMD cpu's there is a feature called AMD Turbo which is enabled by default, this will basically make the cpu peak at full throttle at a certain speed on 100% load which I think for the 8350 is around 4.3Ghz.

If however AMD Turbo is on it might also cause issues with your overclock. The rule tends to be that you have to switch AMD Turbo off, and then adjust the CPU Voltage, FSB, Memory voltage etc if your overclocking manually. If the speed has for some reason frozen at 4Ghz then I assume AMD Turbo is still on and throttling the cpu accordingly and not allowing it to receive the extra power for the over clock you have set.

To address this enter the bios on boot by pressing DEL, When you enter the UEFI Bios switch to Advance Mode, in advance mode there will be a CPU settings tab probably there you will see the AMD Turbo feature, switch it off. Since you will have to manually over-ride it in order to get the overclock to work.

Personally I would seek more information of this from other threads on Toms Hardware or Anandtech, Hardware Overclockers etc they all provide much more detail than what I can about how to correctly and safely overclock. It is in your interests however to do it correctly otherwise you can risk frying your components which would not be good.

well I just backed it off to 4.6 guess 4.7 isn't an option sad face 1.5v is way to high and it gets 2 hot

What are your temperatures like and what cooler do you have? Your using a ton of voltage and that's kind of concerning.

61°c and a h100i gtx

my voltage is 1.47 stable at 4.6 ghz

I would back down to 4.5 or 4.4. 62-65c is whats usually quoted as the TJ Max of an 8350 so I would recommend you back it down a bit to stay a bit farther away from that kind of danger zone.


since the introduction of the 83xxE regular 8350s hit a wall at 4.5 -4.6ghz. if your using 1.47 V i would recommend dropping down to 4.5 and drop the voltage a bit. and stay a bit further away from the TJ max. 55C is my recommended max temp for stress testing.
personal side note wish people would use 990fx chip sets not the 970 when overclocking. yes i know some 970s have more features but most are lacking in power phases and usually VRM cooling please keep an eye on VRM temps and add cooling to them as needed. would hate to see your board go belly up from a lack of knowledge.

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990 chipset was out of my price range