Overclocking AMD FX 8370 to 4.5? (Major PC Noob)

Hello everyone , I have a MSI 970 Gaming motherboard with a AMD 8370. I have all the proper cooling and so on, However the motherboard BIOS can be.... complicated at times. The voltages displayed in the BIOS are a little different then what im used to. What would be the proper voltage for 4.5GHz on this Motherboard?

Just for clarification - what cpu cooler are you using? A CLC is going to give a wider range than a low spec Air cooler.

Here is a good starting point. Just take it slow and steady. You rush it, you risk either damage or not getting the result you want.


@Fouquin I choose you

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Apparently AMD did it at an event. I questioned them on twitter about it and they were like "LOL YEAH BRO IT TOTALLY DIDN'T CATCH ON FIRE OR AAAAAANYTHING"

I imagine you could kick it up to 4.5 just have a lot of airflow. I would get a 990 so the VRM doesn't explode.

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I honestly have little experience overclocking on MSI's 970 motherboards, but the 970 Gaming is more equipped for an OC than most others.

Voltage in an OC is a fickle thing, not every board + CPU combo is going to adhere to a preset. The term "your mileage may vary" is 100% applicable to these kinds of things.

Take things up one step at a time. At 4.5GHz you won't be necessarily needing every setting the BIOS has on offer, simple stuff like CPU vCore and CPU-NB are all you should honestly even be changing for that. Load-Line Calibration if it's available, but also only if you are finding instability in higher voltages (1.45v+).

So my final answer is, whatever you can get under 1.45v (although the safety limit for Zambezi is still 1.5v) is what you should be sticking with.