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So as you can tell by the title I need some overclocking advice I'll try to make this not too long and split it up into two sections so anyway thanks for reading.


So it's been about 2 months since I built my first computer here are the full specs


So the fear of breaking something ( since I was fairly new to pc) which prevented me from overclocking has slowly died down since I first bought my pc and I want to get into overclocking. I recently have had my first overclocking experience. I was on a fourm post where you post scores for the benchmarking program Heaven 4.0 here is the link


( Go to page 10 at the bottom to see my scores username= matthew12106 )


(Optional stuff you don't have to read skip to Gpu section if you want) Anyway so I ran the program and got my score when i compared to others I was very disapointed my score put me under the only 7950 with an i5 -3450 and above an 7850 with an 8320 so I was disapointed with my score so i tought I should why not this be the first time I try overclocking so I went from the original 960 core clock and 1250 memory to 980 to 1000 then 1020 all the way to 1100 core clock and 1350 memory which improved my score all the way to being above a 

I7-3770k / 4.8 GHZ       HD 7970 / 1010/1375

And below a

I5-4670k / 3.4 GHZ       R9 280x / 1070/1550

  So I was very happy with these scores and thus my interest in overclocking began 



So if you didn't read the previous section i overclocked my Msi R7950 OC Twin Froz Boost Edition to 1100 core and 1350 memory anyway as soon as i was done i change it straight away back to the stock as I didn't know if it was safe to keep it on that and thats what I'm here to find out.


So when it comes to overclocking what are the limitations I know one is heat the higher you clock it the higher the temps and if the temps get too far you can't really go further. With my original clock it never went past 75 degrees and the same really with my 1100/1350 so what other limiations are their can i keep it on that clock?. Now one thing I want to make clear I don't want an overclock that will bring this card to its knees and break in like a year just a medium-high overclock and no messing with power limits or core voltage. now I know another limiation is your motherboard if you didn't click the link I have the Asus m5a97 evo R2.0 so what do you think it can handle what i recently found out is the chipset ( amd 970 ) It actually running my gpu on a pci express 2.0 x 16 not 3.0 will this effect overclocking and what in general do you think the motherboard can handle with its amd 970 chipset how good will it be for overclocking. Aswell I think another limitation is power supply but I dont really want to mess with power limitations so it doesnt really matter. So please give me some tips thanks.



now this I'm a complete noob and I don't really know how to oc a cpu really anyway I have a 8350 under a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo now one thing I did do was test it under prime95 now I was very impressed with the temps after about 10-15 mins of all the cores being on full load it never exceeded 50 degrees however in the first run of it core 6 and 5 where the info of what test the cores were doing was replaced with 

Possible Hardware Failure

Illegal Sumout 

And in the second run it was core 5 and 8 I dont really know if thats anything to worry about now so yea give me any advice about ocing you can.


Thanks you,







first off : nice oc!

second off: "express 2.0 x 16 not 3.0 will this effect overclocking"

the difference in speed and reliabliity ( in my exerience) of the two is miniscule some people even think it doesnt even matter, I dont know though im not into extreme overclocking.

3rd:"I think another limitation is power supply"

If you can run that card just fine on that psu under full load you should be fine, some overclocks only take a few more watts than the card would normally draw.

CPU: those temps are good with that cooler, Dont worry about them unless they get above 60, that is about the death point of the fx-8350, and also dont use prime 95 on an amd cpu, for some reason it does that even at stock clocks, use Aida64 its much more stable and can really put the pedal to the metal on all cpus. 

What I have found with the fx-8350 in general you can usually take it up to ~4.3-4.5~ GHz withought adjusting the voltage, mine  was stable at 4.6 GHz at only 1.39 on the core. it really is a great cpu for overclocking, the highest ive gotten it was to 5.2 GHz with 2 cores disabled. 

If you really want to overclock your cpu just look up a guide for your motherboard or just an amd guide and follow it, once you do it a few times you get the hang of it pretty quickly.

About overclocking your cpu you should really be careful since those your motherboard aint really made for overclocking the fx 8350