Overclocking a freesync monitor

So here's the question. If you overclock a freesync monitor do you need to some how hack freesync to work at the higher refresh rate?

Example. My LG34UM67 when I used my 980ti when I overclocked it past 60hz I would get frame dropping and stutter.

When I now use my furyX with it I can use the freesync feature and play at 75hz which is awesome

What I've done now with using my furyx is overclock it past 75hz and I get the frame dropping and stuttering like I did when I used the 980ti.

So I'm wondering if when I'm overclocking past the 75hz is freesync still thinking it only works at 75hz and I'll need to adjust that too?


It depends on the free-sync implementation of the display, a display can have a 60hz refresh rate, but work up to 75Hz with free-sync

like yours
"The maximum refresh rate is less of a concern, but if the pixel response
time is too slow then refreshing faster won’t do any good. In the case
of the 34UM67 and 29UM67, LG has selected a variable refresh rate range
of 48 to 75 Hz. That can be both too high (on the minimum) and too low
(on the maximum)."

So what your saying is if I overclock to let's say 85hz my variable freesync rate will still be 48-75?

it's locked to a 75hz cap unless there's a firmware update, given that the monitor is made to run at 60hz, not too surprising.

Sweet. That's answers my question. There is driver mods that increase the max/min of freesync. I'll maybe give that a try and see that I can do.

Oh really? If you try it out do tell me how it works out. I was always kind of annoyed it stopped below ~48 as frame drops will really tear you of a game when it is smooth all the way and the sudden hip, skip and jump.

As for overclocking. Some monitors just don't like it. If you push it past the capability it will either stop working at that refresh rat or just get worse rather than faster.

Yah I might not be able to do it for a few days yet but I'll send yah a message once I can figure it out. Are you using Crimson yet? Since I used that my freesync range is 40-75 now.

I don't even have a freesync monitor, more for future what if's. I was a little let down by the spec of freesync having a limited range.

Also yes running crimson.

Oh my bad. I'm pretty sure the freesync range just depends on which monitor you get.

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I have recently bought an LG 29UM68 monitor and it skips frames when set to 75hz. I saw you post and thought that my case could be similar to yours.

My monitor is connected to an AMD HD5750 (soon to be replaced) card through a DisplayPort cable, Freesync is activated from the monitor menu and 75hz is selectable from AMD control center. When I select 75hz i get frame skipping.

I tried overclocking to 61hz with CRU but still no luck, it skips frames. Is my monitor faulty or would a new freesync monitor fix my problem.

Did you select 75hz from control panel when you used your Fury X or just used freesync in games and used 60hz on the desktop? Your experience with the GTX 980TI seems to be exactly like mine with the old Radeon.

List of FreeSync-compatible APUs and GPUs

R9 Fury X2
R9 Fury X
R9 Fury
R9 Nano
R9 380X
R9 380
R9 285
R9 390X
R9 390
R7 360
R9 295X2
R9 290X
R9 290
R7 260X
R7 260


Did you try using a different output method than display port.