Overclocking a AMD A-10 APU?

Ok, so i have ordered my ASROCK FM2A75 Pro 4 Motherboard, and my A-10 APU, and they should be here soon, but once i build it, I would like to overclock the APU from 3.8 GHz to 4.2 GHz. What should I adjust in the bios to make this happen? I know there is a basic setting I could use, but I would like to fine tune the overclock myself.

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For one make shure you have a good cpu cooler.

other than that overclocking is just playing with voltages and frequencys until you get it right look up a overclocking guide on google

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As said above, make sure you have a good cpu cooler, or your cpu may overheat

just raise your CPU multiplier in the bios a few notches (100-200MHz) go into windows, and run a stress test (LinX is my fave personally, prime95 is good as well)

once your cpu becomes unstable then raise the Vcore a bit

run your stress test for about 20 mins each time until you have hit the frequency you want, then run the test overnight

Yeah try using prime 95 small fft to stress test.

its sort of old school but it works really well. 

also if you are using the onboard gpu on the A10 then you can overclock that in evga percision X after you are done overclocking the cpu.

Just make shure thats stable by running furmark and make shure there is no artifacts. 

thats very much guys! i have a hyper 212 evo, so im pretty good, and i will stress test it, thanks again!

The mobo has a built in automatic overclock feature. When you start your computer up you will see screen with the Xboost logo, when you see this hit X and it should automatically OC your CPU to 4.2. It also comes with Asrock Extreme Tuning software so you can check your temps, fan speeds, adjust clocks on CPU and GPU, and many other things without having to use the BIOS.

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