Overclocking 4690k

So I Recently got an i5 4690k, with an asrock z97 pro 4 and coolermaster 612 pwm. I am trying to overclock it and see how far i can push it, yet still be stable for 24/7 usage. Currently I can get it stable at 4.6 ghz with 1.29 volts and max temps of around 82C on aida64 and prime95. Or stable at 4.5ghz witg 1.245 volts and max temps around 70C on aida 64 and prime 95. Is it worth the extra 100mhz and what is the maximum safe voltage for this chip?

According to this anything past 1.425v is considered extreme.

I recently bought a bundle with i5 4690k and asrock z97 pro4 and was curious about the exact same thing.

It is exactly the same architecture as the 4790k but binned lower, so if you don't get super crazy clocks then don't be surprised, by no means let this put you off overclocking. I just thought it would good to have in the back of your mind