Overclocking 3770K and Gigabyte GTX680 SOC

Hi, I recently bought a Intel 3770K, a Gigabyte GTX680 SOC, 32GB of G.Skill Ripjawz Z DDR3 1600MHz RAM, all connected to a MSI Mpower Z77 1155 motherboard, powered by a SeaSonic M12II 650W psu, housed in a Corsair 650D, cooled by a H100i. In terms of storage I have a SAMSUNG 840 120GB SSD and a Seagate 1.5TB 7200RPM drive. I cant decide if I want Windows 8 or Windows 7 for the os. I am going to be using the pc for gaming (DayZ, Battlefield, LoL), video editing, 3DCAD, and the Minecraft server host for my brother. I would love some tips on overclocking the RAM, CPU, and GPU.

P.S. I know some of you might ask why I got the Gigabyte GTX680 SOC instead of the MSI GTX680 Lightning. I did this because I got the GTX680 SOC for nearly 100 dollars cheaper and it has a higher factory OC and lower temps. Also I heard it was quieter.



I'd stick with Win7 for now, maybe upgrade to 8 later on (when all the kinks are worked out). The GPU, it is already factory over clocked, but if you're wanting to push it a lil more, go to Gigabyte's site and download the latest drivers and OC Utility software. The RAM, honestly... I think you will be fine with 1600 mhz, especially with 32 GB of it lol. But, if you feel the need to bump it up a lil in the bios, then go up to 1866-2133, depending on the mobo's overclocking options of course. With the 3770k, I have found with a couple of builds I have done with the exact cpu, that when overclocking on the 22nm cpu it's best to keep the voltage around 1.325-1.360 on the core for Ivy Bridge CPUs (can't take the heat as much as Sandy Bridge). With 1.35 on the core and multiplier of x45 in AI Suite (Asus Z77), I went up to a quick and STABLE 4.5ghz and pushed the ram from 1600 up to 1968. When i ran voltage higher than 1.35 it became a lil unstable (for my preferences) at 1.375. You can definitely go up on the core clock more and the multipliers in uefi bios or whatever other utilities MSI offers, but you have to deal with a high chance of instability on the back end, speaking from experience. I run these overclocking settings for everything from video editing, gaming (max settings), dual hdmi's, music production, and lots of multi-tasking. Hope this helps.