Overclocking 3570k with a sabertooth z77

I recently built my first computer, yay. My mobo is a ASUS sabertooth Z77 and my CPU is a i5 3570k. I have never overclocked before and I was wondering if anybody had any tips. I have very good airflow in my fractal design define R4, all the fan places are filled meaning I have six fans in total. I also have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. I have no idea what I'm doing overclocking wise btw. Your help is really appreciated!

in the bios you should keep the frequency at 100, and adjust only the multiplier. with that cooler, you should be able to get up to 4.3-4.5GH comfortably. you probably wont even need to change the voltage. You can adjut the vcore boost voltage to +.0x if you have stability problems (crashing when running prime95 or something).

There can be more to it, but thats a basic run down.

The formula for processor clock is frequency x multiplier. so 100 mH x 45multiplier is 4.5 gH


This should help get you started.

I forgot to mention, you really dont want to go past 1.32V on an i5-3570k unless you have heavy duty cooling. The heat really ramps up at or past that voltage and can damage the chip.

see how high you can get the multiplier without changing the voltage. Use your motherboards software to monitor the voltage in prime 95 to make sure it doesnt go past 1.3v.

I have the same processor @ 4.5GH on an asrock z77 extreme4 on auto voltage and mine never exceeds 1.23v.

Thanks a lot! this video was really helpful!



Thanyou so much for the advice! this was really helpful. 


Post back and tell us what you get it to! Its always fun to compare!

of course!


Please do leave your voltage to auto. Learn how to overclock properly before you end up killing something or have undesirable temps.

Have a watch of this vid for TTL.


haha of course, I'm not going into this thinking I'm going to get 8gz out of it, I will start slowly and steadily.

Honestly, I'd just set the multiplier to 42, and set the voltage to 1.25V. Install Prime95 and IntelBurnTest, and run each individually. P95 should be run for about 48 hours to assure stability. As long as you don't go past 85 C max, you are fine.