Overclocking 3570k on BioStar MB

My specs:


i5 3570k

Tz77b (Biostar)

12gb (8gb+4gb) of Corsair RAM @ 1333

^^^(Supposed to be 1600, but for some bizarre reason the SPD on the 4gb stick has 1333 as its default and its timings are 7/7/7/19 dispite it being labeled 9/9/9/24 @1600. My 8gb stick seems to be correct though, and it just scales down.)


Anyway, that's for another thread.

I cannot for the life of me overclock this setup. (A n00b for sure) Ive tryed the default Toverclocker program and modified the CPU clock (100mhz--> 120), with no effect. (not supprising)

I've tryed the Bios, both messing with the cpu clock, as well as the multipliers, again to no effect. Not only does the overclock not work, but the clock/multipliers never exece the cpu's default non-turbo frequency of  3.4ghz (x34). Not even the TURBO works. Also,  every number value i change resets to default every time i boot back into the bios. The enabled/disabled options remain, but still with no affect to preformance. 

The only thing that gives me any results whatsoever is the Intel Extreme Tuning utility. I change the multipliers to x43/x43/x42/x41 and the vcore accordingly. (1.25-1.30v) However it only seems to work on the program's own native stress tests. When I close it the overclock is gone. 

I'm a huge noob and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. 

HELP? :3


I've been monitoring with CPU-Z

First of all, disable the Turbo and any sleep states or other "power reducing" settings.

Set the voltage to 1.33, and the multiplier to 46. Save, reboot. Instant 4.6gHz.

The fact that it is not running at whatever OC you have set it to is probably just droop, the system downclocking when it doesn't need as much CPU power.