Overclocked my 7850

well i'm not sure if i did this right but stock settings where
GPU clock-975MHz
and i overclocked it by 10MHz incrementals up to 1050MHz, stressed tested it for a good 2 hours with no crashes and idle temp is 36C and max 58C. Do i do the same process for memory clock or is oc mem not necessary? i increased power limits to 20%

My next step it so overclock my cpu but thats a bit harder imo starting with my GPU for now

Yeah, if you're new to overclocking, increase in small increments till you hit instability. Always max out the power limit.

You could add a little on the memory, but for most cards its not worth the extra time, heat, and possible instability. The performance increase is USUALLY almost non existent. Spend the time on the core clock. If you are looking for more you could add some voltage and go for 1100+.

what program will let me do 1050+ just downloaded another one and it wont let me go over 1050

I use MSI afterburner. In the settings you can unlock voltage control and enable higher overclocking limits.

MSI afterburner? it usually lets you go crazy with stuff.
Don't forget to check the extended overclocking in settings.

well i have overclocked it to 1100 stock voltage and idle temps are 37C and max is 51C how far should i go? what would be a safe temperature? i used MSI afterburner thanks for the suggestion

Try loading a demanding game and cranking the settings, making sure your GPU load is at 100%, turn vsync off etc and just let it sit for a little while to see the max temp.
51C is very safe.

well i used chivalry at ultra everything maxed out on a 64 player server played for about 1 or 2 hours. I know there are programs designed to test stability, should i download one or just play maxed out games lol?

High playercount is CPU intensive, you might bottleneck your CPU then, try a singelplayer game.

how about killing floor 2? thats the most demanding game i have i think other than bf4 but i need to update. KF2 on ultra rose to 55C max

Can't say if its demanding or not, seems rather new though.
What model of the card do you have? cooler etc.

its a gigabyte HD 7850. i tried out MSI Kombustor and that kept my gpu load 100%. temps got higher to 59C max at 1150MHz lol i left it running for about 20 mins i think

That thing OCs pretty well.
Try downloading Unengine heaven and benchmark it, there is a thread with a lot of activity that you can compare results with.
Benchmarking before OC and after OC and so on, 59c is great with that overclock.

Ok so I just played kf2 for a while And tried to play chivalry but as soon as a game starts my cpu usage goes really high 97% and freezes then crashes my computer tried kf2 and it works good. I brought down the card down to the stock OC limit 1050 and it runs without crashing I was playing chivalry fine at 1100 before and now it crashes? Just chivalry

Some games make your GPU crash easier than other games.
You could run a game for 24/7 OCed, but another crashes after minutes with the same OC.

Well that sucks, I guess that's why MSI has savable OC profiles

Ok so I figured out the crashing problem my OC wasn't so stable. I downloaded heaven and my sweetspot is 1090 I don't think it's that bad 975 to 1090. I have room for more though since i made sure to make sure it was stable this time. ran several tests over 2 hours and Temps never rose beyond 56 max settings on heaven.
From what I understand if I want to over clock it more I have to increase my voltage correct? I tried increasing power limit but it won't go beyond 20% so I guess that's at max.
I tried looking what's my max operating temp but didn't get solid info
Fan speed I set to manual to 70 from the stock 40

You can indeed increase the voltage for a higher OC, but doing so also makes it run hotter.
I'm pretty sure you can push a mid range card like that rather high.