Overclocked 8320 benchmarks

So after some work I have settled down to a 4.3 Ghz overclock so here are the scores of the benchmarks I've done if you see any others i should try please tell me.


3Dmark 11




8320 BenchMarks


Ok was able to sqezz some moar Ghz out of the cpu up to 4.5 stable 

new bench mark


I usually get my 8320 to 4.7GHz with 1.488v (it is a bit toasty though), I might have just got lucky with the silicone lottery.

I think i may be in the same boat as you just trying to get every $ I payed for im up to 1.48v and 4.6 ghz just about to test to see if stable. Also what heatsink do you have?

At the time of achieving that overclock, a Hyper 212 EVO. Now a H80i.

nice scores. can you tell us what motherboard and power supply you are using?

Nothing great i have a Asrock 970 Extreme2 R2.0 and for the PSU it is a BFG GS Series ATX 550w 

Just downloaded and ran version R15. This is the current version? Was using 11.5 before.

Nice overclock op

R15 im not too sure about it seems to have a new way of scoring cpu. Either way this just proves that an I7 or an I5 is not need unless your doing very very heavy workstation programs. 

Lucky you guys. I can't seem to push it beyond 4.2 GHz. :(

My M5A97 R2.0 maybe the culprit as it doesn't have a working LLC (becomes unstable and crashes constantly)and I can't seem to reach stable with OCCT at 1.5 Vcore.  

This is what I got with mine. Looks like the 8320 is fairly close. 

I've yet to push this cpu any farther due to my half assed psu



That's about as high as I can get stable without overvolting.


And I ran 11.5 with my mediocre overclock (I don't know how well the scores convert but to measure a Ivy 3770k gets 7.47 stock)




I know it's kind of hard to get the 8320 Stable at higher clocks because all of the good chips are being turned into the centurion series, therefore less and less good 8350s and 8320s, but here's my 8350



Damn. That is crazy. Did you have to loosen up on the RAM timings for that overclock?

Nope, I did have to adjust my NB frequency higher which was recommended by a friend for more overall stability.