Hi All,

Here is my system Config, I am looking to OverClock it

Processor : Xeon 5540 (CoolerMaster Case Gladiator & Hyper 212 CPU cooler )
Motherboard : Asus PQ5 Pro(P45 Architecture)
RAM : 8 GB ( 2 Gskill 1200 DDR2 , Corsair 1066 DDR2)
Graphic Card : MSI R9 270X
OS : Windows 10
Power : Deepcool 500 W

I just want to do safe overclock since I think the GPU is getting bottle-necked if I can over clock the CUP to 3.5 GHz & Ram to 1066 or 800 it will be great. I have tried few thing but am a Noob when it come to overclock and failed each time before. Also any other improvement or suggestion to current setup will be much appreciated.

Ripu Daman

xeons don't really overclock.

also how is that cpu even in that motherboard
that is a 775 socket board and that cpu is a 1366 socket
the cpu is ddr3
the motherboard is ddr2

you have some misinformation or are straight up trolling.

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its 771 to 775 Mod . here is the article : http://www.delidded.com/lga-771-to-775-adapter/

What CPU are you using? X5450?

Yes X5450

Ya misspelled it in the original post.

Do tell the settings you're using, multiplier, FSB, voltages and so on.

they are default .. haven't change anything .. I can post a screen shot in few HR. if that help

Please do.