"Overclock" Refresh rate on displays?

I thought refresh rate is refresh rate. What do they mean by “Overclock” when they refer to the refresh rate of a monitor like the 34GK950F from LG?

I remember this being said about those whoopty, DIYish OVERLORD 120Hz 2560 x 1600 displays back in the day from Korea. :rofl: I was actually into those.

And aren’t they skipping frames that way? It’s not true 120Hz/144Hz? I thought a monitor like the LG is one and done, no BS from the box.

It means you send a signal beyond what is listed in the range for the monitor. For instance most 60hz monitors will overclock close to 75hz. You’re just making a custom display resolution where you specify that. In most cases they dont skip frames, youll just go outside their working range and the input will be dropped. A lot of displays dont overclock very far these days, its not like you’re going to go from 60hz to 100hz unless the driver board was already designed for that kind of refresh and wasnt reporting due to firmware or something.

I still don’t get it. It’s advertised as a 144Hz display. So… it should be 144Hz capable.


not sure what youre talking about there.

used to overclock vga monitors using nvidia driver stuff back in the day, as in actually force a higher than spec refresh interval, but idk if it’s practical on digital connections or LCDs

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In my experience its barely noticeable if not entirely pointless


I think you might have the F model confused with the G model

They are separate beasts, one being gsync, the other freesync 2.

I mean the difference between 60 and ninety is a lot more noticeable than 90 and 120 or 120 and 144 for sure. I don’t think it conveys a meaningful benefit unless you’re starting at a standard refresh rate to begin with.

From my small sample size, 15hz or more causes the monitor to go out of range.

I don’t have experience on digital connections but vga could get you 30hz on a decent crt, more if you ran it sub-full hd

Graph time!

So on the left (in blue) are FPS, on the right (in orange) is Frametime.

As a table:

FPS Frametime
24 41,6
30 33,3
60 16,6
75 13,3
90 11,1
100 10,0
120 8,3
144 6,9

As you can see, while the FPS raise fairly linearly, one could choose nicer numbers and get it truely linear, to topic.
While %-improvements are the same, the Δ-improvements get smaller and smaller.
As humans tend to work logarithmically, the smaller the improvements, you will less likely notice them squared.

Not always, some will happily display the image but put a big fat ‘out of range’ sign over the output. Others may just skip frames and keep outputting at whatever the default rate is.
The latter would happen with my old Cintiq 12WX at 75hz. It was handy at the time at least, because it kept games from having frameskip issues that can occur when running multiple monitors at different rates.

I noted that earlier

Was meant to reduce the “but it works for me”-comments.
I agree with you.

That’s why I qualified with “in most cases”.

Yeah, that’s what confused me. On Newegg their ads show the F model as the G model. So whoever is creating that particular ad is seriously shitting the bed. There’s no FUCKING OVERCLOCKING for ANY of those monitors. It just runs AS-IS out of the box at 144Hz. And for that much money, it fucking better…