Overclock potentiality of a Ryzen 2700x with an AIO cooler?

Right now I’m running a hyper evo 212 with just the auto core boost functionality on running it at 4.2 ghz.

I need stability on my system because I have GPU passthrough setup where I need consistent performance on the Windows guest (playing competitive quake) while my roommates watch movies / youtube / browse the web on the ubuntu host.

I never bothered trying to overclock over 4.2 and everywhere I went said not to bother with an overclock, that you can’t really get a good OC out of it unless you’re doing extreme stuff.

Now I’m seeing that someone got their 2700x up to 6 ghz with LN2? And I saw someone else benchmarking the 2700x at 5ghz.

I can afford a $100 range AIO cooler but I don’t want to buy/setup anything extreme. It would be nice if I could get close to that 5ghz range but I don’t want to lose any stability in the process. Would an AIO accomplish this? Should I bother?

Sorry for the word vomit of a post. Cheers.

both were likely done on LN2. (5GHz one was likely done on ethanol with dry ice)

4.3GHz should be your limit with aio, still dependent on actual ambient etc.
With decent waterloop kit, you may be able to hit 4.4GHz stable.

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Thanks, I’ll just stick with my air cooling setup for now, then. Hopefully the next generation of ryzen will be on AM4 / supported on my x470

AMD has stated they will support the AM4 platform for 5 years, so you’re good.
You might just need to upgrade the bios.


Could have issues with power delivery depending on VRM and how high amd goes with cores, but it will still work no matter what

Yeah, right now I have the MSI x470 Gaming Plus and while it does everything I need ATM, I’m not really happy with it, particularly the BIOS. It looks like it was thrown together really sloppily and appears to be missing a lot of features.

When the next gen of ryzen comes out I’ll probably sell the 2700x and the motherboard together and go with an ASUS setup.