Overclock i5 6600k

Hey everyone,
I just got a hold of a i5 6600k and I started overclocking it, I was wondering if anyone had some insight on a good temperature range to fall into for load and idle? As of now under stress the core temps are mid to low 70's and at idle in the 30's. I know the tjmax is 100, but i just wanted to know if anyone else had any other advice, for this is my first time overclocking on Intel (i cam over from team Red).


The higher your temperature the higher the leakage is.

I'd say stick to the 70s for now, mainstream intel chips have a tendency to run really hot due to the way the IHS is constructed.

Why not post a CPU-Z screenshot during load.

Compared to the fx 6300 I used to have overclocked these seem like pretty high temperatures, but it looks like they are safe with others who have overclocked the 6600k and 6700k.

I think you should be happy with that overclock, 4.6 is pretty alright.
I wouldn't go above 1.3v with 70c load temps.
The reason intel chips seem to run hotter can probably mostly be blamed on where the temp sensor is and how it is calibrated.

thanks. It only to those temperatures when I'm using prime95, when I use a program like real bench it only gets to be about 60c. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this overclock.

I'd say programs like cinebench are more accurate for real world 100% load than prime95, and I suggest you avoid using prime95 on all modern intel CPUs regardless.

Don't like prime95?

Its just that Prime95 can get a bit wonky with newer Intel CPUs, especially with haswell.

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My first time overclocking my CPU, I think my voltage is unnecessarily high. Anyone have advice one this?
~64C max temp, idle ~26C

I have mine at a 4.6 GHz overclocking with the voltage around 1.34ish so yours looks about right. And the temperatures don't look bad! I'm around 60s too under full load after a while. From what I read sustained 60s is not bad and intermittent 70s also isn't bad. Overall it looks good to me! I don't know about you but I love this CPU!

Definitely an awesome CPU :D
Changed over to a close water cooling loop earlier today and pushed the Ghz a little higher

4.8 Ghz at 1.45 Volts, for some reason CPU-z isnt reading my volts correctly. Has that ever happened to you?
Edit: Temp was at a high of 72C

Nice overclock! CPU-z shows that I have a 1.346 V. I'm using the cooler master nepton 240m and I'm maxing out at about 74C with my overclock. That is great that yours is staying that cool with that much voltage.

don't use prime95 with new intel cpus!!!!!!!!!!!!

use aida64 or intel XTU (I find they give same temps and same results)

thanks max, my cpu went o 4.9 but keeping it stable takes 1.49voltage. Thats too close to the max for me to be comfortable