Overclock Fried My Realtek Audio Controller? (MSI X370+R7 1700)

Hello everyone!
Over the weekend I built a Ryzen machine from a R7 1700 and MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon (the only hardware relevant to this topic). I attempted an overclock with the Ryzen Master Utility for 3.8 GHz and 1.3xx volts. It was stable running CPU-Z's stress test as well as Cinebench benchmarks. However, after around the 5th or 6th consecutive CB Benchmark, the machine crashed (screen went black, MoBo LEDs still lit, machine unresponsive). Since then, the Realtek Audio Controller has had a constant ~120 Hz buzz that is not affected by the volume level or OS. When the machine is powered up, the volume of the buzz seems to ramp up and then maintain volume. Normal audio can be played alongside it (music, videos, etc.) however the buzz is always there. Sometimes it goes away for a few seconds, but it comes right back. I have since replaced the MoBo (took it back to Fry's and did an equal exchange swap) and the problem is gone - HOWEVER I am a bit scared to try overclocking it again because I don't want to fry this Realtek controller too.

More info: the buzz only comes from the 3.5mm jacks - HDMI out from my R7 360 has no buzz, and (I assume) the toslink optical out will not buzz either. It has all the markings of a hardware electrical issue, but when I inspected the board I saw no blown caps or resistors.

I'd just RMA the board.

If I'm not mistaken the Audio Controller is run by the Southbridge and not the CPU, no?

I already exchanged the board - I am more looking to see if anybody has any ideas as to why this may have happened. I'd like to try the overclock again, but it is not worth it to me if it ruins the audio in the process.

It very well could be - my main fear is that the voltage boost for the OC fried the Realtek controller, but that doesnt make much sense... a 1.3 ish volt input into the controller shouldnt have screwed it up.

Nope, Ryzen (and this board in particular) runs the Audio Controller off the CPU.

Thanks, but can you double check?

I actually did while writing the post cause I wasn't 100% sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Manual Link if you want to check as well :slight_smile:

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OK, I just didn't want you to get it twisted!

Does it do it with headphones?

Hmm... maybe the overclock/overvolt caused the issue for sure then?

Yes - it happened with all different sets of headphones out of all ports - the rear I/O panel ports as well as the chassis breakout/front panel ports.

Mh, not sure, it should only be only a bus for the data between audio chip and CPU, not sure how they would influence each other. I can't imagine that the audio chip gets the voltage from the CPU... really can't say though.

Thats what I was thinking - on top of that, the audio controller portion of the board should be isolated. The buzz went away after uninstalling the driver (but then no audio came out at all) and reinstalling a generic driver brought the buzz back. very strange indeed.

I figure it was a runaway electrical signal based on how the sound seemed to "ramp up" after the machine was turned on. it happened before boot, so it (i would think) had to be a hardware issue.

@wendell any ideas why this may happen?

If you take the motherboard out of your case, and lay it on its cardbord box.
Does it still do the same thing wenn you have booted it up?
Highly unlikey that this would have anything to do with the failed overclock.
Sounds more like a grounding issue or what not.

Edit: nvm, i see that you have allready replaced the board.

Yeah, already replaced. I considered a grounding issue, but nothing changed physically about the machine between when it was not making the noise and when it was - I don't even think I touched the machine XD