Overclock/bios flash my gtx 780 ti classified

i got a evga gtx 780 ti classified i wanna flash the bios to get 1.21 volts and a bigger power target. (not sure what the max target should be either) 

my peak overclock with the card outta the box is only 1150 which kinda sucks ass compared to what others can get 

i watched a quiet a few videos about it on youtube heres one from jayz 2 cents                http://youtu.be/yVQtKmOL30U

right now i have keplar bios tweaker cant figure out how to use it and gpuz to save the original bios. the way jay did it looks easy if i could find the tools. 


im having trouble finding the correct tools to do this the right way. 

i have a case with good air flow so i think if i dont go nuts ill be fine. 

any help guides videos right up anything that would help would be appreciated thanks 

To save your current bios in gpu-z cick the little icon to the right of the card's bios info ~ dont lose it.

You can use a tool like this to flash a new bios to the card. Or there is the (best way imho) usb boot drive option to flash cards. Pay attention to all the risks etc, if you nerf your card there is no one to blame but yourself. Follow the instructions carefully and even try the technique out on an old spare card if you have one handy.

Modded bios files for 780ti here >> overclock.net

Best of luck.

the way you worded that makes me not wanna try it. 

Not for-warning you of risks would be irresponsible.

Your card does have a dual bios switch at least so as long as you dont bad flash both you should be completely fine.

could i just put the king pin bios on it ?

Yeah, switch it to that and see how it goes ~ maybe you'll be lucky and get close to 1300 core without too much trouble.

shit with the skynet bios i cant go past 1202 on 1.21 volts gonna try another one.

Hang on, I have a 780 classy and ill just grab some info for you. 

Dont flash the K|ngp|n bios, its a very different card and you will brick your classy.

yea i figured that out once i watched a review on that it has different power phases.

i have the sky bios rev 2 on it i can only get my core up to 1202. which sucks ass this is a card that is supposed to get good clocks right?

Ok first, make sure your flashing the LN2 bios nly. EVGA will warrent any warrenty returns due to a fried board from overclocking as long as the first bios is stock. You can flash it back if you have saved the bios and have already flashed over it.

Now to flash my GTX 780 Classified, I used Ez3Flash from here. http://www.overclock.net/t/1438886/official-nvidia-gtx-780-ti-owners-club

Make sure you dont have a PLX chip on your motherboard. If you flash over your PLX chip you kill your motherboard.

Now you dont actually need to flash the bio to overvolt past the current max. All you need is this. http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2514

This will take an GTX 780 Classified to 1.35v max or ti 1.5v. Only mess with the first setting as the second one is memory and unless you know what memory module you have, you could easily fry your memory. The third is how much power you are drawing from the PCIe bus. This can also fry your motherboard if you draw too much.

Now there is a major difference in design between the 780 classy and the 780 ti classy. the 780 was designed with a better VRM. It was designed beofre nvidia screwed everyone over with TPU max across the board. Its still better than stock but keep that in mind.

Bios wise, skynet is fine http://www.overclock.net/t/1438886/official-nvidia-gtx-780-ti-owners-club. Bios isnt important as you might think. As long as its the new revision which I believe it is.

Now my results will show a higher clock because I have a 780, not a 780 ti but this is what I get.

ambient temperature 16C, Voltage 1.2, clock speed of 1253, fan speed 60% temp 79C

ambient temperature 16C, Voltage 1.25v, Clock speed 1303, fan speed 73% temp 84C

ambient temperature -1C (I opened the window on a cold winters night and waited till morning for this clock), Voltage 1.35v (Not recommended) Fan speed 100%, Clock speed 1520.Temp 93C

Now heres the thing with overclocking these cards, Only over volt further when you see artifacts. If your not seeing artifacts in your benchmarks then you can push harder. The higher you go voltage wise, the more risk you have. The only way I can get passed 1.35 is if I physically replace the resister on the card. obviously void of warrenty. Not that I can push any harder without water.

If you push voltage up too high without raising the clock speed, you risk doing damage to your card. You need to bring them both up gradually. taking small steps at a time. If the card is getting hotter the more you push the voltage to the point its in mid to high 80's and your getting very little overclock from the voltage, Stop and back off. your card wont do much more.

I run with my card at 1.21v 1253 clock with an added 700 on the memory but some cards have different memory and basicly if you dont have samsung memory, You wont be able to overclock your memory.

These cards can get insane overclocks, just dont expect gods gift of overclocks and even if you get a very nice overclock, dont expect to be able to run it day by day without consequence. i run with an extra 0.01v on the core to make sure I dont have stability issues as some games work the cards harder.

Also remember that the fan draws power too and as it increases, the TDP usage also increases. reason why I can get passed 1.21v on stock bios is because the fan ramps up enough to hit the 115% TDP max.

Dont forget, Most cards struggle to hit 1000. The fact that these can hit 1200 on the stock bios is amazing.

its a TI classified :/

I know, Thats why I linked all the tools for the ti card, not the 780 card. Everything else is the same except dont expect as high of an overclock.

yea i cant go past 1202 core which sucks ass for a almost 800 $ card. kinda pissed 1.21 volts should be able to get me higher than 1202 core.

the 780 ti draws more power and produces more heat than the original 780. For that reason it wont get as good of an overclock. Your clock is within speck. These cards were designed for beyond spec overclocking which would require the classified.exe tool which on your card will allow for a maximum of 1.5v. I would not recommend any higher than 1.3-1.35 depending on your temps. If you push to 1.3v, you should see 1300MHz. maybe better. If you lower the temperature by watercooling or even replacing the stock thermal compound, you will see a better overclock.

well where can i get the classified.rom?

yea i put artic silver 5 on it already i do that day one with all my cards. they put way to much on from the factory.


theres so many to pick from 

will any of those work on my card? king pinn direct cu 2?

The rom you have is perfectly fine. it is the classified.exe file for your computer that you need which I linked in my earlier post. What the other guy linked is a list of the stock roms and installing any od one will brick your card.