Over Voltage

When I wanted to over clock my cpu i turned my bios for auto to manual (well duhh) when i did it put everything in manual mode. i over clocked the cpu .2ghtz because it is still on the stock cooler. Later me and my cousin were discussing over clocks and he said that his cpu has at 1.4 volts at 3.8ghtz (note we have the same cpu Phenom II x4 955). I noted that i was at 1.4 volt to so i did some research and changed my voltage down to 1.375 stable. then i noticed my Northbridge and how it runs a little hot so i wonder if it is over volted. my mother board is a Asrock 970 de3. any questions just ask thanks ahead of time and I will add what the Northbridge's voltage in a minute.

North Bridge is at 1.1 volts

I would save the profile, return to stock and check the voltage with something like hwinfo

Wont that just check the current voltage not the max?

So will something like prime 95 max out the northbridge?