Over the top build?


Fantasizing about the highest-end build I could possibly buy. My dad challenged me to spend the most I could on one computer.

 Anyway, thoughts?

Why is that Kingston SSD so damn expensive? It's a shitty SSD.

you can't get high enough on pcpartbuilder. look on newegg for like the evga server dual cpu mobos....

pcie ssd card.....



I was gonna go with dual xeons but I didn't see any on PPP. I'll go right over to newegg.


had a good laugh when I looked at this who in the hell would fill 22 terabytes of data




Go to the Apple website and spec a Mac, then run Windows 7 with boot loader :)

Our you could go custom and get TTL to make one for you, this is his current project. http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=45896

here i added about 100k to the price, it says its incompatable becuase i dont have enough sata connections but it should work with the raid card (adds 24 more sata ports) i put in the custom parts area   http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pyNn

I had to order 5 Macbook Pros, 5 Servers, 5 Mac Pros, 5 iPod Touch 64GB 5th gen, and 11 Cinema Displays to get close to $100K.