Over Ear Bluetooth headphones, I don't know where to start?

I'm looking to get my father a nice pair of over ear bluetooth headphones as he's been wanting some for a while but with there being thousands of brands that make these things these days, I wasn't sure if sticking just to Sennheiser or something would be the best way to go? Budget is roughly $150 but it isn't strict, could be +/- $50. He listens mostly to classic rock.

or could grab these which are really nice headphones:

and add this (or some similar device) to it:

I was actually just looking at the first one.
I'd rather it be actual bluetooth headphones since it's a Christmas gift I don't want to ghetto rig it lol.

Are headphones that can be either wired or wireless a thing? Because that would be nice.

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hmm this is interesting


These actually look really nice, haven't seen anything negative about them. And they can be either bluetooth or wired, nice!

Welp, i'm sold, thanks @Cavemanthe0ne

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i can be helpful

Just ordered them, Think he'll be thrilled :)

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