Over clocking vrm 1080p alot of crap

I made this rig a few months ago and i spent alot of money on it like 1000$  and this rig sucks as hell 

the specs are ~ 

motherboard - GA-970A-DS3

ram(8GB) [1600mhz] - Corsair CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9

processor  - fx 8350

harddrive -  samsung 1tb 7200 rpm

gpu -  SAPPHIRE HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB GDDR5

 case - cooler master elite 310

supply box  - cooler master Thunder 500W 


The reason i think it sucks i can not overclock my cpu in it 

motherboard sucks with linux 

cpu gets too hot like 85 C when i game 

my monitor is 1600x900 so its not 1080p ? 

My psu is dual rail

my gpu runs hot too 41 C on idele 85 C on gamming

Teamprature where i live sucks 

if i drink coffee i am sweating like shit even though ac is on 


So i come with these questions 

Do u really need 1080p to play games ? why not 720 p ?

why do u overclock ?  i get it makes cpu faster but isnt stock clock enough  ?

 how are single rails better psu cant u over clock with dual rail psu ? 

should u buy uefi bios motherboard or normal one ? 

how do u know how much vrm . phases motherboard buy with which cpu  ? 


I am a noob at all of this but i like to  learn i screwed up and wasted alot of money 

i want to build a second pc with some of these parts 

so please help me :) thanks 

i have another question everyone here in india has i5 or i7 they run it on stock clocks with stock cooler 

why doesnt it get hot  ? how can they run it with stock coolers on full load ?

is there an am3+ cpu that can be like this when it comes to heat ? 


in my opinion gigabyte boards cannot handle the 8350. at least the cheap ones can't. the powerphases and vrm quality of not-so-expensive gigabyte motherboards are made of cheese. So yes, for overclocking, it sucks as hell indeed.

I am just speaking from my own experience. I heared some people being positive about gigabyte amd motherboards, but don't count me as one of them....

Did you made a build advice topic on here before? because i cannot believe somebody recommend that FX8350 with the gigabyte combination. this just sux. the 4+1 powerphase with no heat sinks on the vrm´s  the reason why you cannot overclock, is because the weak vrm´s cannot handle it. the phases the vrm´s and chokes cannot handle that cpu.  All Gigabyte AMD boards suck in my opinnion on this point. i personaly recommend to buy a better 990FX chipset mobo, as soon as possible. And go for an Asus board.  i will give you a list for boards that i recommend for overclocking a FX8350 cpu.

  1. Asus Crosshair V Formula Z: 8+2 powerphase digi vrm.
  2. Asus Sabertooth 990FX Gen 3: 8+2 powerphase digi vrm , pci-e 3.0
  3. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0: 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asrock 990FX Extreme 9: 12+2 powerphase digi vrm. solid caps.
  5. Asrock 990FX Fatality professional: 12+2 powerphase digi vrm.
  6. Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0: 6+2 powerphase digi vrm.

This is a list of sollid AM3+ boards for overclocking a FX8320/8350 cpu.

Grtz Angel ☺

  1. you can play games at whatever resolution you are fine with, if you're fine with 1600/900 then i see no reason to upgrade
  2. well, if you're going with "good enough" you wouldn't have a 8350 and a 7870 now would you, more is better, always
  3. you might be fine with what you have, but i'm not the person to go into specifics about power supplies
  4. it makes no difference, most everything uses uefi lately
  5. i have a list, but it's more complicated than just the numbers, for you i'd reccomend just going with the recomendations of the more experienced users

yeah for the rest it should be fine what he has. That psu is a psu that personaly don´t know. XFX 550W 80+ bronze is a cheap but sollid  psu with a single rail.  but i think he does not have to change his psu, as long as it does the job.

a 7870, should be good to game the newest game on medium or  high settings. At 1080p. but if you turn on filters, a 7870 starts struggeling. but 30+ fps is still playable. i will replace my 7870 next year ☺