Ouya General Discussion

So i backed the Ouya pretty early, and recieved it about 3 weeks ago. So it's been kinda pretty dissapointing, for example, lacking full support for usb drives, lack of games (some are decent), usuabilty seems very limited. It feels too much of a restricted environment within the android OS (i have used the browser to install thrid-party apk). The overall experience i guess is simply 'meh.'
Does anyone have any better experiences with theirs?

- The touch pad is dreadfully unrepsonive in most cases of use.

- Not sure if Plex app was designed horribly, or Ouya hardware is too weak to stream, been getting a lot of buffering on local network (streaming 1080p @ 10+Mbps on a 300+Mbps wifi network (wireless n) - and when streaming again through plex on my Galaxy S 2 or iPod Touch 5th gen doesn't seem to have any issues. I also slightly suspect it may be becuase the Ouya may have a weak wifi chip. Notice it has issue staying connected in my back lounge room whereas my phone, ipod and tablet and laptop stays connected easily.

Have you tried to use a network cable? For me the OUYA connected alot easier to the OUYA network when I did that. But I also have a really crappy wifi. 

My experience is as I expected it. It's a crowdfunded pruduct by a new startup company for only $99. Simply: do not expect PS4 preformance out of it. 

As for the hardware in it, it is not bad. However, as of yet there is no game that is really programed to use the Tegra 3 fully. That's why so many Qualcom devices are beating it in the reveiws. 

I am still optimistic for the future. I really belive that consol should be cheap and simple, and hard core gameing is best done on PC. Hopefully now that the first android consol is out, and Nvidias Sheild plus Googles own is comming more games will be programed for the consol and Tegra in mind. 

On the other note, If you don't have a SMART TV and want to upgrade your old TV. The Netflix android app and XBMC works really well on my OUYA, that part I am really happy with. 

Still waiting for my OUYA, they are shipping me a second one since the first one seems to have been lost in shipping somewhere.

You do know it's hackable if I had one OMG!!! I would crack it open at look at what I can do to improve it

I am hearing you can even overclock the damn thing. Emulators work extremely well on it as well

got mines a few weeks ago. Mostly happy for what i use it for. The store seems pish, there is a few good games but mines is mainly emulation.

N64 / psx / psp / snes / gba

quite happy with it in that aspect. 

Until they have official firmware support for external HDD and flash drives (only somewhat half are detectable unless i root it and install the kernals), emualtors are kinda off limits for me as bard and FF 3 takes quite a bit of storage.

The emulator apps themselves are very small in size, and you don't have to have ROMs on the actual console to play them. At least that's my experience. I have some emulators installed, but my ROMs are on a 16 gig flash drive hoocked up in the back. I played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Batman Beyind a few days ago just fine. Games worked perfectly, saves work perfectly. Though you do first have to find your flash drive's path when trying to load a ROM.

Whose side are you on? http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/08/one-man-documents-his-incredible-77-day-long-struggle-for-an-ouya/

Wow, that is beyond appalling...