Outsourced IT

I work for a Outsourced IT company meaning we do IT for businesses who don't want to pay for a full time IT guy. Anyways we work on hourly rates, however I just had my hours cut to below 20 a week because we have not been getting many service calls. Mostly that has to do with the fact that I do my job right and not patch something together so that it doesn't work right, and get repeat service.


So I am kinda at a catch 22, I can do my job right and basically get laid off, or do a poor job and destroy my reputation and my employers reputation but actually get paid. (which got the last guy fired btw)


Does anyone have any tips for drumming up more business, or do you think I should go and look for greener pastures.

That doesn't sound right, I assume your clients only need support during business hours? What happens if a server dies on a Friday night? No fix until Monday morning?

It sounds like the service your company offers needs to be broader rather than just doubling the number of clients which are like your existing ones.

Also getting new customers on a fixed rate for the number of systems they have will be much better than an hourly rate, this allows you to predict revenue.

If a server went down on a Friday night, we would have a tech out by 8 am Saturday. But ya most of the time it is just business hours.

The problem with broadening what we do is kinda hard, I would love to hear suggestions on what we could do.

A fixed rate is not a bad plan, but then you have the issue of selling it.

I kinda feel your pain @Webduelist, I work as an EasyTech at Staples. The IT work is not very much, some days we would get like 5+ computers in and other times we'd go almost all week with nothing. But at least you are not required to also be a salesman. I dislike how well of a tech you can be but if you don't sell damn service plans and the like to customers then you can kiss the chances of getting a raise good bye. I don't even make 8$ and hour and I've been there a year.

man I really feel for you..... People don't understand computers..... 

When I noticed your post I instantly thought that you were my doppelganger. I don't work for an outsourcing IT company but I work for a small PC repair place and my hours were also cut bellow 20 a week.

I get 10 hours a week regardless of what comes in or how slammed we are. It really sucks and its made worse by the fact that I am the only employee at this company. So I face the same things you are. Do I stay and possibly get fired while not getting enough hours to stay happy and well off or do I leave and try my chances in the open world.

My advice for you is the same I gave myself. Stay and try to stick it out. But constantly look for a new or better job. If you find one thats awesome go and apply, do the interview, and if they offer you the job weigh your options.

Job market sucks, economy sucks, but the one thing that doesn't suck is the free will and ability to change your situation based on new information.

Keep at it and my best wishes to your situation.