Out of the box FX8350



I have an Fx8350 its not overclocked, I'm just wondering about the standered cooler when working it gets pretty hot, but my question on the 8350 is when does that cpu become a concern in terms of when or whats to hot I run the cpu cooler ( out of the box Model) on silent mode through my mobos fan control but I'm just wondering when should my eyebrows lift and get concerned as in tempritures thanks :) 



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The stock cooler is designed to run within safe temps at 100% load; it is perfectly fine for a non-overclocked system where you don't care too much about noise.

Thanks just Im new to pc gaming and i was a little woried about having 53 c on the cpu :S 

You shouldn't worry about temps until they get into the seventies celcius. Generally, the cpu will start to throttle around 80C. You are perfectly fine. My cpu gets hotter than that with ease and I have an after market cooler (though it is a really old cpu in comparison).

i use the FX8350 with stock cooler on 4.2 Ghz wenn gaming it gets realy noisy, but i never  got my cpu hotter then 45 degrees with it, eaven afther one hour of prime 95! ☺ i must say that im using a full tower case with 2 120mm front intake fans and one exhaust fan, for the airflow.

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Is that reading minus the ambient temperature? 45C is pretty cold, unless the room is just really cold.

is that a general rule, the 70 degrees? Im just asking because I plan to overclock my cpu (it will be watercooled) and I just want to know when I'm at risk of damaging it.

room temp was about 22/23 degrees at that time i guess. those temps where showd to me by HW monitor also by speedfan, and after a reboot in the bios it wass arround the same temp. i must notice that i set the fan controle of my case to the highest speeds.. but yeah i use it on stock speeds with turbo enabled, stock cooler stock thermalpaste