Out growing the ''modern games''

so i started working from home about a couple of weeks ago, and i was thinking as i was installing battlefield 3  when did i start getting bored off more newer titles like battlefield or skyrim.

i have always been a hardcore gamer and i got atleast 500gb with just games and emulators, but the thing is that none of it interests me anymore if i see a new fps or rpg,  i think bleeh i actually played more games on the ipad then my pc lately, but maybe we just need something new not a new call of duty or halo but a new experience something we haven't seen before.


so maybe one day there will be something new  but till then i just need to find something that interests me again, something that will get me addicted to what i used to love and in many ways still important to me,


so if anyone got something new and interesting please comment down below it would really help 

yeah i hear ya i was recently in your shoes bored with most games i played especially fps games. get some games you dont normally play switch it up alittle my fix was batman arkham asylum i bought that and loved it also got some games like limbo and trine 2 which are awesome games im really getting into the side view games again takes me back to my sega days. 


Actually, if you look around the net, there are a lot of new games for retro consoles! There are actually still people making games for systems like the Nes - Genesis - and my all time favorite the SNES. Some of these games are really really cool! And some of them just suck. It's like any other game you buy these days.

Plus, retro games actually had to have something entertaining, and something revolutionary to keep our attention or said companies didn't make Jack - Squat.

You really got bored of skyrim???


Anyway yeah just look outside the box a little bit. Go for a genre that you don't play much or maybe have never played. After I got into SC2, I couldn't play FPS's anymore (except maybe Tribes).