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Nice pods mann.

If I sold all the things you have I could probably buy a nice 2 bedroom flat.

@Logan, great. Thanks a lot. Now I just can't stop smoking the damn pods.

lol at 01:08

Seriously give me 1 good reason why I should buy one insanely overpriced tripod when you could buy one from the Lidl (like a 7/11) for 15 bucks that has carbon fiber, uses snaps, has a hook for a bag/weigths, has a quick release and even has a built in water level.

This is about as useful as buying a Monster cable.

These are a fantastic deal - and I'm looking forward to replacing my super old 100 lb tripod and fluid head that's impossible to adjust the way I want. I used your affiliate link, and I'm very excited to be receiving it Thursday! I'm not sure what Hakker is saying, because in my experience $15 tripods are plastic pieces of crap that can't hold anything. Whatever he may have found sounds too good to be true.

sure it has more plastic in it and is labeled to handle 7 KG of camera but for the vast majority this is more than enough.

If you use it every week and run around with Canon L lenses in your bag sure it might not suit your need but for many people who use it only occasionally at best it will work just great. I mean it's like advising L lenses to someone who uses his camera 4 times a year. Unless he is a millionaire it's a total waste of money to spend that even though the lenses are awesome. Sure the Monoprice has it's use but at how it's brought at this time it feels more like endorsing somethign to an audience where the vast majority do not need something like that. I'm not gonna advise my parents to buy an X99 based pc while they only surf the web and write a letter.