Our Most Epyc CPU Tests Yet! The AMD Epyc 7371 On The Gigabyte R281-Z92 | Level One Techs

These high clock Epycs are an *insane* value. very, very speedy .

Benchmarks: https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1903186-SP-1709106TY24

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How off label is it to use a Tesla V100? Well the heatsinks get get in the way.

Cuts to video of heatsink on a milling machine

This is exactly what I love. Good work.

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Concerning the cooler limitations: The Dynatron A26 might work, the A31 looks like a noise complaint from aliens to happen.

Made me want to hook up my old AMD server rack back up. The only problem is that it sounds like a 747 taking off constantly.

Hey @wendell is there a reason why you don’t link the youtube video/channel? You have links for twitch, facebook and twitter but not youtube…?

When I heard 10 Raspberry Pis… I think you’re in need of low latency wavelet compression for gaming usage. H264 isn’t gonna cut it @wendell.

You should look into integrating Newtek’s NDI codec into VDI.

@EposVox found the latency to be less than 60ms in his tests with a HDMI to NDI solution.

Unless you can encode as fast as the H264 baseline encoder for the Wii U gamepad, H264 isn’t gonna be latency friendly.