Other than BIOS, how to tell both CPU's are working?

My BIOS shows both CPU's but not in POST boot. Also, Windows does not show two CPU's but device manager shows 24 (which I assume are the CORES, two 6 core CPU's hyper-threaded) . 3DMark shows only 1, Cinebench shows only 1. Any ideas or tools to validate both CPU's are working?


The fact your PC booted is a good sign both are working. when you bring up task manager and see 24 threads means they are working.
CPUz is a good program to look at CPU info.

Where should I post asking for assistance optimizing anASUS Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard? ASUS tech support is awefull and completely useless. I trust you guys have more experience and could walk me through the best bios setting for optimum performance as a stand alone dual cpu workstation.

I can provide contact in for to call is someone is willing.

Many thanks