Otaku's top 10 must watch anime

Hey guys, dropping in for a little anime action

Just a list of anime I think are awesome, You dont have to watch them but your life will be incomplete if you dont.


Anyway, lets get started!

  1. Code Geass (This was pretty good, Plus Kallen is moe.)

  2. Zero no Tsukamia (What is there to say? lol)

  3. Shakugan no Shana

  4. Asu no Yoichi

  5. Fate/Stay Night (Saber is so moe.)

  6. Kanon

  7. Clannad (Tomoyo and Kyou... Moe!)

  8. Minami Ke (I AM BOSS.)

  9. K-On! (Mio is moe!)

  10. Chaos Head (Best anime I have seen in a while.)

Let me have some feedback! :D

Listen to Otaku, kids. He lives for this shit.

agred they are awesome Anime

what? no Death Note?!?

imma gonna check them out l8er this week

thread should be renamed:Â Â "Otaku's top 10 must watch anime... about unfunny jokes and highschool kids who cant get laid"
srsly tho, you need Monster on that list.

I liked death note and all, This was a top 10 though and honestly its not top 10 material xD


This thread is named correctly, Otaku's top 10.

As in the anime that are MY top 10.

Gundam 00 and black lagoon are awesome to.

Black Lagoon is pissing me off! I want season 3!!!!!! Anyhoo, wat no Outlaw Star Jason?

Did you really leave out Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, whom your original name was based off of? Kyon is disappointed in you.

I try not to think about it because of a season two...

: |

K-On is a good anime.. But your life will also not be complete if you don't watch Full Metal Alchemist

Wat?.......WAT?.......It's like I'm really watching Adult Swim guys

FMA was good, but has no sort of re-watchable value to me. I've already watched the 6 episodes of K-ON! 90327843 times and Toradora just as many. As for my life not being complete.. It won't be without a TRUE Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu season 2.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I loved it....

Lol? That Haruhi anime was so over rated, the only reason people remember it is because of her multiple hair styles and the frigging dance.I myself prefer longer series of anime such as Naruto. But I have seen a few short ones, Elfen Lied was teh pro with all that murdering who wouldn't love it.Afro Samurai was good as well.Clannad was good but so god damn depressing and you were just saying to you're self through the whole thing "She's going to die... NOW!... Maybe now?... NOW!...?"





Naruto ftw : D

Again my opinion.And nothing wrong with Naruto, that is probably why it is the most popular anime (Not the best I repeat: Not The (Best)).See what I did there?