"OSX is WAYYYY more popular than your linux thing" -chai latte-


Not really. But people who get pissed over something stupid I wanted to trap you for fun.

Anyways I talked about stigma's with apple shit earlier this week.Now I want to just pass a comment I had earlier trying to play CS1.6 and had 14 FPS. Why in the hell are games ported to OSX and its broken OpenGL system that should WORK ON AN INTEL GMA950 (the GMA830 to 950 perform way better in OGL than D3D) but don't? I am intrigued at the idea of game devs porting for OSX compatibility and not actually testing the hardware that people will actually buy. NO ONE is going to pay 3800 USD for 8 GB ram and an M370X that is underclocked all the time. No body.

I am specifically pointing towards games that should work but really don't. OGL seems to actually have things milling that should enable a lot of things in GPU functions that just KILL fps. Devs build for the real hardware (though I would love a laptop with one of those sexy Iris3 or Iris4 cores) like those AMD chips that apple always get, but people buy the smallest macbook possible to get that street cred, not using Unix at all, not actually doing anything, when they could literally buy a netbook that has the exact same hardware and performance but no it has a glowy apple on it.

Far as I can see the apple stuff is good for research and work, which is what my stuff is for. College shit. But I keep doing game tests because there aren't any real life benchmarks for OSX that actually matter that don't cost 8000 bucks. I guess the "Dirty Hakkor Weebz" thing applies to the linux people in the corp mind, but really I mean..... Your everything is linux just give the enthusiasts some stuff K? Don't give it to OSX, apple hasn't been a gaming platform since 1986 and MOS4.

Just stop ok.


you underestimate the power of stupidity. which in itself stupid. i call it Goblin's Razor.


Lol wut.

You are totally missing the point.

First off OpenGL in OSX works just fine. IDK why you are getting 14fps in CSgo. I was playing TF2 on the integrated graphics of the 2015 macbook pro just fine. Soooooo idk what your issue is.

Second off, yes, plenty of people would pay 3800 bucks for an apple laptop. I probably would if I had the cash.

I do most of my work on the go. The MBP has excellent battery life, has plenty of power to get my work done, its light, and its well built/sturdy.

I will actually take my laptops into the forests to do some pretty long photo shoots. Being able to rely on that battery to last me the whole day is crucial.

The other key factor is that the screen is not dog shit. The igzo panels are about the only good PC laptop screens on the market, and they are so expensive that the resulting laptop price is right on par with the entry level MBP.

The only other laptop that comes close to the MBP for me is the lenovo P50. But it weighs several more pounds than the MBP. In normal situations this would not bother me at all, but considering I sometimes hike about 15 miles to get to a photo spot, every ounce counts.

Plus the p50 has the retarded IBM trackpad and buttons.

The only other laptop I would consider is the razer blade pro. But again. Its 17 inches and I would guess that it is a good bit heavier.

So you tell me what I am supposed to spend my money on because the one thing I hate about the new MBPs is the fact that they do not have an SD card slot and I am super pissed.

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They have the mobile ecosystem for games though.

On steam more and more devs released on windows then eventually Linux, some have even not bothered this time round porting to Mac or bring Mac at a much later date. The tables are turning, although Mac has market share Linux is a much more attractive gaming idea and has better support. Compound that fact that they went with the 'Metal' API instead of Vulkan/mantle so devs need to use a vk-metal adaptation now and it doesn't look too good for Mac gaming in the future. Im not sure Apple cares, their mobile space is massive and huge numbers of people game on mobile & smart tv boxes .. well that's not proper gaming but corporates don't know the difference and the numbers stack up.

Get the new model. They start at $1,500 and the new model has Intel 'Iris' Graphics. . It doesn't come with the latest Intel CPU. The mag safe feature is now removed. The new iPhone 7 headphone adapter is needed apparently ? No USB means it becomes bad for DJ's who don't want to rely on an adapter too as a lot of music gear is USB only.

On the plus side the screen is Amazing , it has the touch strip and as usual and battery life will be good. Their software is also usually good. So yea, they do workhorse ( pony ) laptops not gaming beasts.

I can buy a MSI GT73VR Titan Pro much cheaper than the flagship 15" MBP.

The GT73VR comes with a i7 6920HQ, 64GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB SLI graphics, Super Raid 4-512GB SSD, 1TB HDD and a 18.4" IPS screen.

Yeah, buy a macbook.


Id review one gt72vr with only the 1070 and what a monster. And you dont need to be cable adapter ninja to work on it, screen ports and ethernet on the back, everything perfect spot to work.

At mine country MBP is rich designer laptop.

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If you were getting 60+ FPS at 1080p in Skyrim on a VM in Parallels I have no idea how you are getting 14FPS in CS?!

My MBP with the M370X plays that game easily on high at 1440p. Something is clearly wrong somewhere...

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Maybe thats why you dont Hackingtosh?

Maybe it's just me, but I say let people buy and use what they want, it's not my business to care about what other people buy and use.

Might just be me though

I'm just confused why game devs jump to OSX rather than linux. OSX doesn't have a good graphics layer for games 100%. Maybe about 70% of the games ported work. But like stronghold 3? Crashes on 3D render. Amnesia, the physics break. Deus Ex HR runs for 20 minutes then it crashes. The only games that are solid had way too much money pumped into them or had been made in engines that had pre-built porting options, ie, undertale and similar games.

I'm not saying don't buy a mac. I love macs. I'm just confused lol

All the new MBPs have a headphone port.

The base model has the physical keys. The higher end 13 MBP and the 15 inch model has the touch bar.

Not having the latest cpus is kind of a bummer, but its not a huge deal. Kabby lake is a marginal improvement.

I honestly could not give a shit about mag safe charging. The magnet is not strong enough, so anytime someone would breathe on the cable it would come undone.

USB c is also fine IMO. But removing the sd card slot is damn near a death blow.

Game devs dont jump to either OSX or linux. They jump to windows and then various porting companies will make ports based upon what they are capable of doing.

Profit margin also contributes to this. If these companies think they can sell more copies of their shitty port on OSX, then they will go for OSX. And vice versa for linux.

Valve is really the only company that has tried to break out into all available platforms.

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No I realize that. I mean when they do windows and expand from there.


Either. I am high. You are high. Or you need to reword a lot of what you said.

AFAIK, this is your first main point.

I am intrigued at the idea of game devs porting for OSX compatibility and not actually testing the hardware that people will actually buy.

This question is flawed in more than 1 way. First off its usually some sort of porting company that makes the port and tests it. Your comment about testing games on hardware that people will buy is also kind of assinine. If you are playing a ported game on integrated graphics on a system where the drivers are not even full optimized, then you should expect bad things to happen.

But the reason your question is flawed is because the people who usually buy laptops with intel graphics do not game. The porting companies actually do test their games on higher end imacs with some sort of gpu power because the people who own those types of computers are much more likely to play games than people who just buy a mac to go online and web surf.

Then your next question is.

I'm just confused why game devs jump to OSX rather than linux.

Your question makes no sense because game devs don't jump to either OS. They jump to windows. From there various porting companies can port the game if they so choose. The porting company generally has a preference of what platform they want to port to for a number of reasons. For instance they could just be more experienced porting it to OSX vs linux or vice versa.

Now you are saying....

I mean when they do windows and expand from there.

And again, I have to point out that game devs don't expand.

Hell most game devs make everything for xbox and then port it over to windows. That is about the most 'expansion' you see out of game developers.

From there its up to 3rd party porting companies to bring it to other platforms.

You keep saying game devs over and over, but game devs almost never touch OSX or linux to begin with. Valve is literally the only game dev I can think of off the top of my head that does mess around with OSX and linux, and their games generally run just fine on both platforms.

So your understanding of how game development and game porting works is flawed, or you need to reread your posts and rephrase them to make more sense.