Osiris: New Dawn [New Patch]

Just wondering who out there has this game and would like to team up sometime to play some multiplayer as there is a new patch and I feel it will be far too boring messing about all by myself.

Let me know (I already have 1 victim lined up once he downloads it sometime :)) )

I've been thinking about getting it. It's on my wishlist but I probably won't get around to until I get back from traveling for Christmas.

I really want to play this game but not sure I will have the money to get it. I played The Ball and I guess this game is part of that universe. : )

Update: Wait a sec. I might have this mixed up with another title.

I got it a week or so ago. I don't play it much because my FPS is really low when I play. Even at 1080p, I get about 28 FPS on my GTX 1060 SC. The game might just need more updates.

I do play The Forest and a few other games still in development. Are you on Discord?

Yeah I did notice the low FPS, there is a 30fps cap that some people are experiencing (and a workaround). I do think the game needs some optimization, it was advertised to perform well but it seems that isn't anymore true.

It's not like my pc is a BEAST or anything, but I run games in 4K High settings above 60 FPS. All except Osiris and The Forest. Both games still in development. So I image it is an optimization issue. No biggie. I'm patient.

Got excited for a second. Windows only. :(

Pretty sure its using the unity engine, so it could run on Linux if they press that port to Linux build button. (in theory)

I played this recently, it is still pretty content limited. The construction part of the game STOPS at the base and you can't really customize things much, for example all vehicles and bots are predefined. Wondering if that will change in the future? time will tell.

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I love this game so much. Just won it on a contest from these here forums. Had $60 to spend on steam on just 1 item and i chose this $22 game. If anyone has a character on EU Ion 6 server and helps me figure out how (or if) we can share vehicles i can take you to another planet in my spaceship!