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OSD in Linux similar to MSI Afterburner?

Hi, I recently started dual booting with Manjaro and I’m loving the Linux experience so far. However, there is one thing that I miss, MSI Afterburner and its OSD functionality. I know it isn’t really an essential feature of a gaming machine but quickly being able to check my temps and usages with a simple hotkey is something I’ve gotten far too used to with MSI Afterburner on Windows. Does anyone know of any alternative to MSI Afterburner, be it one program or a combination thereof?

Theres another tool that look 1:1 like wattman but I forget what its called. @FurryJackman probably knows tho.

Nice, this does look like it can do most of what I used MSI Afterburner for, but it doesn’t look like it has any OSD functionality. I didn’t see any listed in the GitHub repository at least.
edit: It also doesn’t support navi afaik.

Sooooo, first question that is rather important:

Are you running Linux-native games, or are you using any kind of combination of WINE/DXVK/Lutris/Proton?
For native games I haven’t looked for anything, but if you’re using DXVK (or D9VK for that matter), it has built-in OSD functionality, and since Proton/SteamPlay is basically WINE+DXVK with a fancy name, you can use it there as well.

Available options are here: