OS X Support for GUID

Just wondering when OS X began supporting the GUID format. I’m seeing results that say 10.4 Tiger, but I just want to be sure.

Additionally, I’m not talking about in terms of booting, but rather just general storage usage.

10.4 was the first OSX for Intel Macs so yes, that would be the first to support GUID partition tables.
Older OSX’s may have been updated to support it but I’m not sure.

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The first Mac OS to support Intel processors is 10.6

10.6 was the first to support Intel ONLY. 10.4 and 10.5 were compatible with both PPC and Intel.

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Whatever OS was around with the first G5 mac pro’s. It was used for those and the G5 servers that had SATA or SCSI setups, mostly.

Oh, my bad. I somehow did not see that. I remember the Snow Leopard event and the switch to Intel processors and I thought that was it.