[OS] Win 7, or 8.1?

I'm currently using a Windows 7 OS, but I'm building a new computer in about 1-2 weeks so I want to know if it's worth getting Windows 8.1.

Is it compatible with all games on Steam? How is the interface? Is the Metro tablet thing always getting in the way?


Ehh. I prefer Windows 8.1. It seems to be much faster for me, especially when starting up, and a tiny bit faster in games. 

It should be completely compatible with everything Windows 7 is compatible with. There were some driver issues early on but everything seems to be fine now. I haven't run into any issues.

I installed StartIsBack and never use the Metro interface so it never gets in the way. It is basically like Windows 7 although things like the redesigned task manager are very nice. 

Plus you are getting a newer OS that will be supported for longer.

meh. it's a preference thing i believe. I run 7 Ultimate and system boots up in 18 secs... but yea on the end of support for future reference i can agree, but by then i'd probably be up to the newest os version anyways. if you're gonna spend the cash on a new pc get a new os too, just make sure you dl startisback, well worth it i hear.