OS Tri-boot?

Just curious on peoples thoughts here.

OS tri-boot

Windows 7/8 = gaming

Hackintosh = editing

Linux probably Hybrid distro = because I can and I like toying with them and learning new things.

too much? just run distros off usb to test or?

p.s. sorry if placed in wrong section of forum.

For what reason editing on OS X is better than on Windows?

Because Apple needs money too!

why not virtualize?

Well for the linux part you are very right.

But what benefit do you have with virtualising macos ?

Sometimes MacOS/BSD has it's advantages, especially for editing like the OP said. Most obvious case scenario in my experience: when using the IoFX, which is the single best speed boost for editing you can get (makes me lol every time I see nVidia CUDA marketing crap), and that solution only works well for RedHat, SuSE and OSX.

I run Fedora (which works also although not officially supported because of legal reasons and you have to side-load because you can't compile because the source is not available), so I don't need OSX to use the IoFX, and I don't use it for Adobe Premiere, which is not yet available on linux, but the IoFX totally doesn't work with Ubuntu/Debian/other non-RPM-based linux distros, and the Windows version is pretty crappy too (which is probably more of a Windows problem if anything, it's just sluggish and prone to crashes/BSODs, like unusable for editing because you lose work all the time), so for a lot of people, an OSX hackintosh setup is an easy fix, because it works well and Adobe applications are available for it. I don't mind OSX as much per se, I don't like the fact that it's a 25 USD closed source OpenBSD ripoff, but at least it's technically a much better operating system than the 100 USD legacy IBM OS/2 ripoff that is Windows, even with the Apple GUI that looks and feels like as if it were made for 6 year olds (that is not that bad and still much better than the ModernUI of Windows NT 6.2/6.3 (aka Windows 8/8.1)).

Especially game devs and heavy multimedia editors get a huge efficiency boost out of these newer technologies that are linux/BSD only, and OSX is the most polished and user friendly BSD distro out there, and it's not expensive, and as long as some tools, like game engine SDK's and Adobe software, is not available yet on linux, which is the case, OSX offers an efficient and cost-effecitive solution, as long as you only pay for the legally mandatory Apple sticker you have to put on your hackintosh (you can only legally run OSX on hardware marked with the Apple logo), instead of paying too much for Apple hardware with mediocre specs (especially mediocre thermal specs, which is a big issue for editing/3D dev rigs).

Thank you for clearing it up some. I'll need to start digging into the other / more traditional Distros.

Get Slackware, my friend!

I was advised to try Zorin as well so I'm looking into it now I am kind of a fan of GUI and simple :P now the not so simple learning the setup for OSX and getting all the space and everything allocated properly last dual-boot was a lazy multi-hdd and I haven't touched ssd yet so plenty to look up and try to cover if anyone has some notes to help along the way/things I should note or watch out for it'd be great thank you.

Edit: I haven't the time to finish looking things up every but i'm leaning towards VM instead of Multi-boot. Two reasons "If the VMs are small enough, they can also live on the SSD. And if they grow too large or if you need to free up space, it's easy to move them to another disk without repartitioning."
"Some virtualization software even lets you configure the VMs to start up when the host OS boots."

Looks good but you will need to use your OSX86 Bootloader of your Choice to load them since OSX will reqire that.