OS transfer HDD to SSD

The Title says it all. I recently was able to purchase a 128 gig ssd, and now i want to transfer my OS, and i need all of your guy's help doing so. Walk me through it please :D thanks!

Oh and one more question do i have to uninstall all my games so they do not transfer over to my ssd?


You could copy it over with a utility such as clonezilla, but when switching from a HDD to SSD I recommend a fresh install.

Samsung SSD's come with a program that lets you clone the data from the HDD to the SSD, never used it though, I use Acronis to clone the HDD to the SSD, I did that on my main rig, it took 5 minutes to clone the data. I did this 3 weeks ago, and the system works better than ever.

After the cloning, I used this guide to tweak the SSD:



I did put the Pagefile on the third drive in my system.