OS Not Found

I've had this problem for a while and I don't know the cause. When I boot up my computer It gives me the error that my computer can't find any OS installed to boot to I can boot the computer if I load the bios and then exit to boot.

I have an MSI z87 MPOWER with Windows 8.1.

Have you checked the hard drive from the BIOS to see if its detected properly?
It can be a faulty hard drive and or a faulty windows installation. Try testing the HDD on another PC and see if it boots up or see if the HDD can be read from another windows installation and you can see its contents, if that doesn't work, then I'm afraid it might be a hardware failure.

It shows up fine in the bios and works on other computers and i've reformatted it before the problem

then probably the master boot record is fucked up.

You can do 2 things, or you just do a new clean install of Windows.
Or you try to repair the mbr.

Wait, whats the boot drive being used? When I installed my samsung sm951 m.2 ssd the motherboard didn't see it as a boot device until I updated the bios.

I've already done a clean install before it didn't fix anything how would I go about repairing the mobo


check this post i made a year back.

the bootdrive is my samsung ssd

well if you have a windows install disk and you go to recovery console, you can write a new master boot record.(this option does not overwrite your patition table)

1: Boot from your CD
2: if install screen appears click on repair computer
3: choose command prompt
4: type: bootrec.exe /fixmbr
5: if you get the message fixing was succesfull, then take out the cd and reboot and look if it boots again.

If it still not boots. then try to write a new boot sector to your system partition.

1: Go back to the command prompt again, like in the previous steps again
2: typ command bootrec.exe /fixboot
3: if operation was succesfull, reboot and look again.

Still no succes..

Reinstall windows.haha

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