Os for streaming pc

hello, what would be the best linux os for a P4 @ 2.93ghz with 1500mb of ram, only going to be used for streaming movies and light web browsing



Debian? Light, stable, solid.

Arch or Slackware, for that hardware. Slap AwesomeWM on it, and you should be fine.

You'll struggle to stream H.264 with a P4, so if you're okay with non HD streaming you won't have any issues. Otherwise, you'll need to upgrade your mobo/CPU to any cheap dual or quad configuation.

P4's are also notorious for running hot and using a lot of power. So, not really great for server/streaming based application.

That said, I use OpenELEC for my HTPC, with localised/Milkman's logos.

Have a look at Milkman's Guide to the Ultimate Media System.