Os for creative and hobby developer

hi people, so this is a question i ask myself every several years.
is it time to switch operating system? my background is that i only had macs, i still recal the first imac in our house with flash and photoshop to draw in 1999/2000. i changed to windows 7 around 2011 for educational reasons. i had a hard time switching mainly with shortcuts but since i could use a big gpu and biger photoshop files and actualy play a games beyond minecraft and blizzard games that was negated fairly easly. not the playing field has changed again, i own win10 but dam man that thing is total crap and looking at el capitan it is looking similar. the social media parts just triggers me the most, and the amount of privecy you have the hand over just rubs me the wrong way to.

anyway back on topic, i have tried a couple linuxes along the way but nothing longer then a week, missing photoshop is my biggest problem since i have a workflow in it, the second big one is getting stuff to work, the hole comand thing or getting an program to show up int the gui listing is a hassle if it isnt in the os repository, i have looked around for none-linux free os stuff but they realy look like something from the 90's and dont seem to be very productive options.

im mainly looking for clean smooth ui, with a good drawing replacement to photoshop, and some programming tools that arent comand line only (vsc++/xcode like).

If you really want to step up your game then moving from mac is the way,I mean (from last look) Mac can't even support a 10 bit colour panel. Moving to Windows would give you access to so much more powerful hardware acceleration and software in general... But if your anti Windows 10 for some reason, then you have linux... but... yeah... linux. Its either isheep or windows tbh.

to summerise

MAC - if you want to feel like a pro

Windows - if you want to be the pro

Linux - If you want to not use windows but struggle with lack of software that is.. standard


i have used both mac and windows, but tools had stayed fairly the same photoshop bieng the only software thats exlusive these 2 platforms, i also use blender and sublime text allot wich are on linux.

but win10 i feel like i dont have controle over my device, i compleetly lost functionality i had in 7 and even 8 due to not agreing to some of ms privacy things, mac is just not what it used to be and ofcource the ahrdware never was the cutting edge (do still like there trackpad though over the one that is crashing as im typing this on windows lol)

i just want to have a look around again see if the playing field has changed at all, im still open to those none-linux free/opensource operating system if there actualy weurth somthing

what kind of things out of interest?

I hear they are good, I however use intuos pro 5 (large) graphics tablet surface, really recommend this :)


I dont know what work you do exactly but dont sacrifice industry standard software just to use linux, if you work with other creatives or do large projects no-one will thank you for not using the creative suite (presuming you are a designer) I really really am anti people using non standard products as it makes it really hard for everyone else using windows and mac to collab with them.

So for developing software Linux is great. There a ton of IDEs and text editors. What languages do you plan on writing code in?

On drawing there is Inkcape for vector images and GIMP for raster. My wife does graphic design and uses both the opensource software and Adobe. Install the Windows versions of the software and give it a try. I will ask her later today the pros and cons of both. Linux does have wacom support btw.

But like always, there will be changes to your workflow. If the changes are too great you could dual boot or leave Windows in a VM for Adobe products.

I still leave Windows around for certain software and games. Really makes no sense to limit yourself to just one OS.

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wel i lost window key+ typing, to find programs, since i had to disable cortana and all of that since it dint even work in my region, also i have lost a few overnight renders wen windows sudenly wanted to update (even wen that was turned off)
also not sure but colors seem a bit off on windows 10 for me, i havent gotten into color calubration of the display yet but its noticeble on the displays i use (might not be related to win10)

on wacom im still on Y Old Bamboo's but i use a mouse/trackpad to do zooming panning ans stuff wich with a trackpad i can do with my left hand as extension to my shortcuts, i dont like the touch part on the wacoms the ones i used so far arent acurate enugh, i have staired at the intuos and cintiq in stores befor but its just a bit to pricy for what fucntionaly i already have (also not sure about latency with the cintiq) wich brings me to another point is mouse latency in opensource drawing tools, wtf is up with that

about the industry standard, there a few rules i stand by, i have had to deal with the industry standard atleast ont he educational side in 3D wich is 3Ds max (and o boy do i hate 3Ds max) i use blender over that and apart from the inital leurning curve i regret nothing as long as you want it ina industry standard obj,stl,collada file format its fine (there are more exports but these are most comen in my workflow) allot of bitmap drawing tools suport psd to some extend (ilustrator files your usualy fucked).

also dude anti products is prety bad there is not always a standard (i mean there is but it changes) example nowadays if you come across a doc file i would leugh in your face since pdf and ODT have taken over that hole system, 3D i already coverd but they extend realy to use case you need it for realtime engine they somptimes need specific file types and have exporters for that. i have so far not needed to exange the psd source file to anyone since they only care about the final image, im more concept artist then a webdesigner or anything.

i like to fiddle arount, i can do a limited extend of c++ but usualy stick to old favorite lua
i mostly play with love2D and trying to get into some urho3D, also kinda into godot engine (python ish) but in short i mainly restrict myself to game engines (no java c# stuff)

i realy like sublime text for most of my scripting but i would like some IDE options mainly for c++ (prefrebly in the vain of xcode/visual studio and not codeblocks or eclipse)

i still havent got to grips with inkscape yet i feel it bieng clunky over what im used to (illustrator) and gimp im realy not feeling it with that program, i have touched krita a few times and i like where thats going more (seems a bit more of a painter style program) but these both have trouble with mouse latency for me atleast

it will be the display your using, depending how serious your colour work is, look into a proper 10 bit colour panel 100% RGB etc..

Oh tell me about it! i drool over the Cintiq

not sure about this but I guess Open source = cheap poorly optimized software in my experiences, I'm sure there are good bits out there but there is only so much you can do with no direct money income... maybe someone can shed light on this


Im not anti products i guess, but when you work with web standards etc... you cnt just go using whatever you like, 3WC etc... are there for a reason

Mouse latency isn't a problem on the Linux side you can set polling speeds. Forgot about Krita.

Visual Sudio is set to get a port to Linux soon. Geany does have a c++ plugin. Some people like codelite.

To be honest you are fairly dead set on certain software. Staying Windows or OSX may not be a bad idea. Load up a VM of whatever distro looks good to you and give it a try. Don't like it? Delete the VM no harm, no foul.

yea i get that but thats web standards. there reasonable defined on what to do and since media is now intigrated you dont need flash unityplayer java or watever silverlight was ment to be. i dont do web stuff btw

i dont think it has to doo with polling speeds it has to do with with gpu acceleration, as far as i understand photoshop can like drive allot in opencl (gpu) and therefor only at extreamly large size document wen you draw lines they will come in delay but on gimp its slow even on smaller files (since i expect it runs mostly on cpu) and it gives a very bad line aswel.
i mean i come from a mac where even if the hole machine crashes the mouse still works XD i notice these things

is that full vs or just there reskined atom editor?

Yeah opencl support won't be coming to gimp until 2.10.

If you make make money off Adobe just stick with them. Opportunity cost is too high to switch.

The issue boils down to: Deal with the software as a service issues in Windows 10 vs better Adobe workflow of OSX but lacking hardware options.

i spend more money then i get out of adobe products XD

Rock and a hard place. I feel ya.

Force to keep Windows around for games and automation software myself.

yea games is still a problem aswel
not that i play that many but most AAA is just of the table (few exeptions)

any word on vulkan stuff btw?
idk maybe i sude just write my own drawing tool :S