Os change

I have a Verison Galaxy s4 looking for a custom rom or newer version of Android coming from king root any good roms and how would I install that rom

LineageOS and AOKP would be nice, there’s plenty of ROM swap tutorials on XDA Forums, just search for your model and it should come up.
Also, don’t forget openGaps.

When browsing for root options for my Kindle Fire, I stumbled over some threads where people called KingRoot malware. While I’m neither for, nor against it, you might want to look into this subject.

Its not malware. Both it, and kingoroot are on XDA Developers as recognized tools.

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Fair enough, I thought I read said discussion on the XDA Developers forum. (I think some users assumed that KingRoot might be installing additional, malicious programs).
Anyway, considering they are recognised tools it seems this issue has been solved. (Which is good to hear, considering KingRoot is the best option to root a Kindle :slight_smile: )