Orthodynamic drivers + magnets = bad time?

Bought Mayflower Electronic modded Fostex T50RP V3s and installed a modmic 4.0. I've been hearing interference from the side of the modmic magnetic mount (left earcup), and I think I was able to influence it by moving the mic part closer to the mount and then further apart.

Question is, do magnetic fields fuck up orthodynamic drivers? Should I remove the magnet and find a new microphone? Anyone else had this issue before? Any solutions for the problem?

You know, I think it does, but don't quote me. If I have my phone near my headphones (DT 990's) or DAC I hear interference, it took me a while to figure out what was causing it.

Orthodynamic = planar magnetic

Short answer: yes.

I just find it interesting that this never got mentioned by Logan, he and Tyler both recommend the modmic to be used if you want a high end gaming headset. This whilst raving about orthodynamic drivers (as they should). I'm also disappointed in myself not thinking that this would be possible before purchase. I guess I'll sell the microphone and buy a table mic

@Logan your take on this?