Origin Keys give-away :D

Hello wonderful people of Tek Synicate,

I brought 2 humble bundles - one for myself, the other for anyone. I've already given away the steam keys to my steam friends. But anyone that is willing to put up with using origin can have an origins key.

I'd rather spread the love, and by that i mean one key per account on here. Comment below which game you want and why i'm awesome.


do you have battlefield 3 a friend of mine wants a key so he can play with me :D?

Sure thing, i'll message you the key.

-BF3 gone


What games do you have left over?

-BF3 gone = everything but BF3

So you can use both the steam and origin keys? for the same game?


Got ya, i just checked my game collection. I have every game out of this weeks humble bundle

Just origin. All the steam keys are gone

Got a friend that wants to join you on an online game?

I just didn't know that you could use both keys for some reason I assumed it was one or the other don't know how I assumed it could tell the difference and then I also assumed it may just be something like the honor code.

C&C™: Red Alert™ 3 - Uprising Please?

Sure, i'll message you the code

-BF3 gone

-C&C™: Red Alert™ 3 gone

Can I have the Sims 3?

If that's not available, I would like Dead space 3 or Mirror's edge.

Want the DLC too?

Sure, if is ok with you.


-BF3 gone

-C&C™: Red Alert™ 3 gone

-Sims 3 & DLC gone

This is so nice of you, may I please have Crysis 2? :)

Thank you!