Origin is Like Prison for Your Games - Stay Away

Origin is not getting better. It was terrible, is terrible, and will be terrible. It's like a prison for your games. I have been using it to benchmark Crysis 2 and that has been insanely frustrating. I have been asked for my serial number about six times so far. Steam has never asked for my serial number more than once. 

Today I connected to Origin support and the support person told me to share my password with my friend?! WTF?

Here is what happened. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Battlefield 3 (or some nonsense like that). The game was on sale for $10. I decided to grab a copy. Now, I have never purchased this game because I feel as though EA should send me a copy. I am entitled. Maks and I worked like crazy at GeForce lan last year and we were promoting that game like crazy. We were not given copies. I finally decided to buy since the game was $10. 

I tried buying the game on my phone browser. Nope. Couldn't log in. I tried FireFox on my phone. Nope. Dophin, Opera, nope, nope... Chuck Testa must love Origin.

So,  decided to contact support and I was connected to a "live person" via chat. His first response was, "I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on this great deal!"

After a while he offered a 15% off coupon. I continued to ask for the game at $10. I also explained that I was going to be using this game in benchmarking videos (I'm sure they don't really care about that). 

He finally leveled with me and said something to the effect of, "Don't be mad just because you missed the deal." I reminded him about my cell phone trouble. His reply has to be the worst thing I have ever heard. He told me that if I wanted the game I should have sent my username and password to a friend so they could buy it for me. I will say this once again. A support person at EA told me to share my f*cking name and password. 

I really want to use Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 in the videos... but I'm not sure if it is worth the trouble. Origin sucks. 

Amen.  My copy of Origin crashed three times on updating, then it uninstalled it self.  The other bizarre thing is, buying games on Gamefly, knowing they are EA games, but the keys DO NOT WORK with EA, but in some quasi-mating ritual, Gamefly sends info through Origin to say "I OWN THIS GAME", and yea..shit didn't work well.  Fuck Origin.

crysis 2 is back on steam...I actually own it on steam and origin but yeah i haven't played battlefield 3 in a while probabley 2 weeks so i turned on origin tonight to play and it did all sorts of weird shit for like a hour before I could play and battlelog sucks 2... 

What? I knew origin was bad, but not this bad... I never had it crash or do funky stuff, and the only game i have on there is BF3

A support person at EA told me to share my f*cking name and password.

When did EA get dragged into this?

Yeah Crysis 2 is back on steam.

Origin is a bit of a pain in the arse, but it's not enough to put me off buying games from them.

Origin is EA's digital distribution platform :)

I would just buy the CD

Lololololol. Origin is one successful troll. At least, that would be their only excuse.

Even then, you have to go through Origin.

my first expierience with Origin was with Battlefield 3 first I downloaded the game after that was done I was like finaly I can play wait no I have to update the game WTF seriously if I download the game for the first time shouldnt it come with the newest version, finaly after updating the game I thought to myself Finaly now I can play, wrong I have to install a browser plugin to launch the game I nearly flipped out it is the single most evil DRM I have ever encountered

a browser plugin? ok seriously the hell is wrong with them?

I was a beta tester for origin, It sucked donkey poop then and is still bad I see..I'll continue using Steam thanx....

Wow, I had a similar problem. I remembered the deal at 1 AM, went on my phone trying to get to it. While it took a while, I was able to purchase it from my phone though.

Well, f*uck em! Might as well try other games to benchmark I guess. Nexuiz is probably the best graphics games I own, and is $10 not on sale.

I've also had problems with Origin. I associated my BFBC2 key with it, then I went to download the "latest version" of BFBC2 and wham bam I go to launch it and BFBC2 launcher tells me it needs to update to the latest version... It wasn't the end of world, but still completely unacceptable.

I know it takes time to do benchmarks and what not but what would really help is some benches at reasonable resolutions fora card, I go to anandtech, great site and all but, I don't need to know a low/entry level card can play BF3 at "over 9000 resolution" on ultra with 4xAA at .2 frames per second

you know what I mean?

LOL@ their support.

Anyways.. Origin boots my games, so I'm happy with it. Also I don't have many friends on Origin, so I don't get spammed all the time like on steam. :)

Luckily for me I got Crysis 2 a while ago on CD when you did not have to run it through Origin or even steam (although I would have liked it if I would go through steam then I would have most of my library there) but yeah that is really bad customer support, I've never heard anything like it, EA are in a downward plunge with the customers.

Only reason I have Origin is for BF3, it's terrible, really didn't want to use it because of all the privacy noncence. 

To be honest I like battlelog, it's fun looking at your (and your friend's) stats and the voice chat works well, partying up is easy etc. But yeah, the server browser should be in-game and the plugins are annoying.

I actually played BF3 last night for the first time in a couple of months and there was a 2.5gig update to download before I could play.. still.. it's a hell of a lot better than MW3