Origin connection problems

Alright so i'm posting this for my friend. My friend recently built a new computer and is trying to log into origin for the first time. When he starts origin it says this- http://gyazo.com/d872e5b930710862587028c28710ee0b and when he tries to log in it says this- http://gyazo.com/f07345c904d6c0ad17964e9fcc49f7d8. When i tried logging in to his account on my PC it worked and he can log in on the web site. If anyone knows how to fix this plz help. btw i've seen a post on another forum of someone having this problem.

p.s. he made a new origin account and tried it same results

Check his firewall permissions.  It may be blocking origin.  If not, uninstall and reinstall origin.

Fire wall on the router?

Windows Firewall.  Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Firewall>Allow a program through Windows Firewall (or just search firewall).

While it's possible your router is denying origin access, it's unlikely.  Windows firewall is a much more likely candidate.

We tried adding origin and originclientservice it did not work anything else we need to add?

Well, you can try this: