Organizing Music Library

I have been trying to find a way to organize my music library without manually configuring everything. I use foobar2000 as my media player but I have acquired my music from a variety of sources. I'm mostly concerned about album artwork. I would rather not have to edit every song that has it missing. I've been looking for a program to do it automatically, similar to how iTunes does it. I looked on Lifehacker but all the "guides" I found were out of date or simply didn't work. Any help/ guidance would be appreciated. I read something about a plugin for foobar but I couldn't find where or how to get it.


Foobar 2000. While iTunes will do it and do it well if you are not an apple guy it will try to install crap upon crap and be a pain to get rid of.

I have an reasonable extensive music collection and foobar takes care if all of it. There are plugins to get album and artist in for from and other plugins to make tagging and sorting easier. If you rip from CD there are multiple customisable methods to do so like LANE or MP3 or I for get the specifics but a FLAC ripper too. All flawless. I cannot recommend it enough for large collections.

Victory!! I was able to use the digcogs component- 

Works perfectly, Thanks so much @Zibob

No problem. Sorry about all the typos I only saw them now. I was in a busy bar while writing that up. Glad to worked out for you.