Ordering this weekend need suggestions

Im ordering this weekend and I need to know if everything will work ok and if there is anything differant I should do. Im budget is 800 but a little over is ok. here is my list


Very Solid build. What are your plans for this rig? What do you intend to do? Any information you can provide will help with suggestions

Gamming and school work. and a little bit of video editing

This should be pretty good. Remember if the motherboard or CPU doesn't work and you have to RMA, newegg will make you return both. Very solid build, I cant really think of anything except maybe getting quieter fans if noise will be an issue.

You can always find an SSD down the line for faster performance, but if speed isnt an issue you can wait until a good one is on sale :)

My personal choice for the HDD. Just my opinion http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148697

After Cristmas I might get one for caching

as far as I can tell you could save a couple buck dropping down to a lower wattage power supply. (even with everything overclocked at tops youll need around 380w but I wouldent drop too far. 450 SHOULD be enough but i would suggest keeping it in the 500 to 550 range. but if you like it the build as is it looks really solid.

I don't know if these deals will last but jump on the CPU/Mobo with free ram combo ASAP, patriot is a good brand

Mobo is a much higher quality, OCs better, comes with quality ram, pretty sure a 7959 performs better than a 7850, better HDD, you get 3 free games and 20% off MOH warfighter

you won't be able to OC past 4Ghz which is like 100Mhz past the turbo with the 212EVO, just not thermally reasonable, the 212 EVO is great for any AMD solution, just not IVY intel a Cooler Master TPC 812 would be something to save for, I doubt Overclocking will really even give you a benefit in games, its already powerfull enough