Ordered an LG G6, now I need a case, screen protector, and SD card

Plain and simple. You guys recced me a phone, now I need ze protections for it. Kinda narrowed the case down to a Spigen Tough Armor (I want a slim case with a kickstand that still protects) and the protector I’ve slapped in my cart is a supershieldz 3 pack.

-Is the protector a good one?
-Does it mesh fully flat to the screen unlike any of the Galaxy S7’s(my previous phone) tempered glass protectors?

-Should I go black or gunmetal on the Spigen case?
-Is there a better case than the Spigen that’s slim, has a kickstand, and comes in plain, dark colors?

-How much SD card should I go with? ((plan on making vids, taking pics, and having music on it. Maybe a couple movies if possible, maybe not))
-What’s a high-quality one that’s fast with lots of space, is compatible with most/all smartphones, and isn’t too pricey?

Well, so much for this thread. Went ahead and ordered the Spigen and screen protectors. I’ll get an SD card some time later. I’m assuming a 128gb will work with anything nowadays that accepts and SD card.

I would have gone for the Spigen too anyhow. Not only will it greatly improve the durability of the phone but also give it a safer grip. 128 GB shouldn’t be a problem with any recent phone and the LG G6 supports even larger ones, though more than 128 may not be worth the cost anyway. I’d recommend Samsung’s Evo or Evo Plus series of cards for good price/performance.

Bump your thread next time OP.

Lool, it was at the top when I first posted it, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

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